February 11, 2022 – Literally Alliterating My Painting Creativity via Developing Several Series Simultaneously

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Couldn’t resist the little word play in the title, lol! But it struck me recently how, without really trying, I’d begun developing several series of painting ideas at once!

My color fields above, my Impressionist Abstract series featuring a dominant color, in my 12×24 gallery wrapped canvas format, is my largest series to-date, with approx a dozen this size.

A handful are fully finished, sides painted, and wired. Two are at the current art show at Austin’s Art for the People gallery. Another, top left, Pink Impressionist Abstract 1, has been submitted to the City of Austin’s 2022 “People’s Gallery” show at City Hall — wish me good luck 🤞 😊

Other sizes in the series, 16-20 thru 24×36, are on regular stretched canvas.

They usually feature a dominant color and texture, like my panoramas, but are designed in something other than the wave pattern seen above. I’m keen to develop some of those patterns, but I’ve only singular experiments with those variations for now.

Below, is my “landscape-y” sorta-series —

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These landscape-y type paintings, that are sorta recognizable & sorta abstract, are so in many different sizes and paint mediums ( oils, watercolors, acrylics), much less the degree a work is abstract or representational.

Thus, I think they’d be considered a sorta-series, and more a wanna-be series, lol!

One, the middle-left painting, Fantasy Landscape, is currently showing at The Old Bakery & Emporium across from the State Capital in downtown Austin.

Another, Easy Stroll, top left, has been submitted to the City of Austin’s annual “People’s Gallery” showcased at City Hall.

My task / mission, if I choose to accept it 😊 is – once I narrow my preferred style to experiment with – to narrow my options down to a size I feel good about doing a dozen of at that size, and then let my moods and inspirations determine the time frame a dozen or so could be created.

The sorta-series below, figures, like the landscapes above, also predates back to oils and watercolors; however here I now have the beginnings of some definite preferences for sizes and styles —

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Sizes still range all over the place, from the 8×8 inch watercolor bottom left, through the 16×20’s bottom right ( also showing at Art for the People Gallery currently ) & top right; through the 18×24 top left, finishing with the 24×36 middle left ( with Max smilingly posing as a tribute for his help laying in the background to the legs 😊

The bottom right painting, Walking in Light, at Art for the People Gallery, has a watercolor figure and acrylic background, a combination I like so much I know I’ll want a series like this. What size or sizes I’m not sure yet.

The top right pale male figure on a black background already has a female companion piece, same size.

The bottom left, Happy Dancer, was sold to my buyer in Florida during the holidays last year ( 2021 ).

And the top left and middle left both have in common that there’s heavy texture in each image, though the top left’s ( 18×24 ) heavy texture is the figure ( which is also mostly watercolor ), while the middle left’s ( 24×36 ) texture is heavy in the background, with an acrylic figure ( legs ).

I’ve a 2nd 24×36 similar to the middle left, in progress, and I’ll have a post on it either tomorrow or very soon.

So my options, both of which I like, and which either make separate series, or an inter-mingling series – are to either texture the background with a smooth figure, or texture the figure with a smooth background.

I’m too-soon into exploring these texture-smooth background-figures combinations to know if I’ll prefer one over the other, or find a mingling of canvases showcasing both alternatives. I’ll know more as I get both these two finished up, eventually 😊

What I do know, from working on this newer work I hope to post about tomorrow or very soon is, I’m “much” better off getting the figure down how I want it, than to work the background then added the figure – even if I’ve drawn-in the figure. Drawing in the figure then adding the full background just doesn’t give me the flexibility I want in creating the figure.

In this newer work I’ll be posting about, I’ve had a “very” difficult time working in the figure correctly, ie, to my liking, once I put in a heavily textured background.

I’ll have some pics to show how/why.

Either way, I look at all the above as a very good problem to have, lol!

Enjoy everyone! Stay safe, stay well! ❤️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. […] been like that, so much so that, with the exception of one work with the color Titan Green Pale, included as a sample of series works in progress recently, I still haven’t posted any – still working out when I’ll feel I’m […]

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    • Thank you so much, Dorothy! “Freedom & flow” – oh how I do strive for that ♥️ And there does seem to be these patterns in the air I think, and doing series, or at least the benefits of doing them, is getting a little more hype right now. I used to resist them, feeling I wanted each piece unique; now I’m thinking, how to make each work within the series unique; we’ll wish each other the best! 🙏 😊


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