September 27, 2022 – Now This Sounds Right : “Fed can avoid ‘deep pain’ in inflation fight, Bostic says”

Fed can avoid 'deep pain' in inflation fight, Bostic says 09.25.22
Fed can avoid ‘deep pain’ in inflation fight, Bostic says 09.25.22

Considering most of us are already being squeezed and hurting somewhat, I’d say the title of the article is close to its past due date 😊

One of the fun things of being a lay-person in re to an esoteric topic, like the effect of Federal Reserve actions and statements about folks in my fiscal strata is – long as I’m upfront it’s just my opinion – I can say how things appear from my socio-economic perspective.

Like how I see the idea of my spending habits be the “preferred” inflation causing gauge.

Don’t like it.

Or, that 100,000’s of folks losing their jobs, ie, ability to care for themselves or families, is an acceptable price to pay to bring inflation down.


And yet sacrificing windfall profits isn’t an acceptable price to pay.

Nor that our worldwide climate disaster of undrinkable water and unbreathable air and diminished food supply is, in the mass media at least, ignored as the current primary driver of scarcity of food and energy to heat and cool – including the resultant inflationary costs….

So it’s encouraging to read the words and concerns expressed by Mr. Bostic. Here’s an excerpt :

How deep and enduring a slow down is needed – and the job losses that might entail – remains a matter of debate, with Fed officials continuing to argue that companies will be unlikely to lay off workers that have been hard to hire during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What we need now is, a plan that includes all of us….

Stay well everyone! Stay cool 😊


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Voting, in our democracy, is the purest form of expression.

Dissenting, affirming, protesting – 
– all flow through the form of the ballot, not, the bullet…

Stay well everyone – for oneself, and for those who need us most..the children….



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