DVD Review – “Jazzercise Core”

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DVD Review – “Jazzercise Core”



my wife sheila has jazzercised since the beginning of the 80’s, and i joined going to class with her on her birthday, valentines day, 2001

so we’re familiar with the regular class format [1]

going to a jazzercise class from galveston is a time/driving challenge at times, so we decided nearly a year ago we needed a dvd for home use

jazzercise core” has turned out to be one of my own personal favorites for routines i frequently go to and enjoy doing

there are 4 routines offered on this dvd, a 60 minute, 30 minute, 20 minute routine – all standing, and one floor routine

my review will concentrate on the two segments i use almost exclusively, the 30 and 20 minute standing sets


things i liked:

* video and sound quality are both top-notch [2]

* variable time-sets cover a useful range, less than an hr to a full hour

* three alternating instructors [3]

* a few modifications offered

* excellent anatomical & movement cueing

* music is upbeat yet soft and in the background

* really liked the encouragement to both put some attentiveness into each movement, yet pace or alter as needed for each person – very yogic 😉

* there are sectional breaks even within the 30 & 20 routines, for instructor changes and change of exercise sets

* nice range of movement styles, from aerobic to latin to boxing style

* weights included in some sets [4]

* many of the moves are used in class, providing welcome continuity

* humor and smiles and clarity from the trio of instructors


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things i would’ve liked:

* my perennial favorite wish item: closed captions [5]

* muscle captions to go with the excellent verbal cues of primary muscles being used [6]

* more modification samples, which i believe they include more so in some of their other dvd’s, so this may’ve already been addressed

* probably asking too much, but maybe a ten minute, well rounded set [7]

closing thoughts:

i want to point out that, though both the 20 & 30 minute routines “work the core,” the shorter set has more weight work, and the longer set has more range of footwork movement (you’ll need more floor space to move in) –

and, i really like having those two differing-emphasis to work with; the shorter set is more strength orientated while the longer set leans more toward cardio, though both of course engage the core

sheila and i continue to find that jazzercise and yoga are great compliments to each other; and have recently seen more yoga showing up in the choreography, which is nice 😉

ultimately, we don’t see any need nor necessity to choose between the two; they compliment each other, yet each style (yoga and jazzercise) provides distinctive benefits and enjoyments the other touches on, while emphasizing its own strengths

that’s the beauty of integrating one’s interests, they feed each other, and should make us happier 😉


namaste – con dios – god be with you

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[1] there are jazzercise classes for seniors we’ve attended a handful of times, and classes for teens, which we’ve been far too removed from to attend 😉

the senior classes seem to be as well rounded and paced as the regular classes

[2] there’s a short behind-the-scenes look at the production and studio on the dvd

[3] judy sheppard missett, founder and creator of jazzercise, plus her daughter, shanna, and one of their certified instructors, chere, model the routines

judy’s elegant easy fluidity are a perfect compliment to her daughter’s more power-based solid moves, while chere is a treat to listen to and watch and work out with, great humor and clarity in her instructions

[4] chere gives some weight-modification cues within one of her sets too, very useful

[5] though i’m an early senior 😉 my high-frequency hearing loss is something i’ve had since at least my mid 20’s

[6] “body by bethenny,” a nice yoga dvd i reviewed last week, does a nice job of placing a written caption onscreen for the primary muscle group used – please see under related dvd below

[7] denise austin has several dvd’s with ten minute sets; in the future i’ll review one i’ve used for nearly 10 years!



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