My Day Ahead – Oct 12, 2019

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I can feel, or imagine I do 😊 the benefit of doing an unhurried 20-30 minute variety of balance and stretch bits in the evening – standing on one leg then the other, doing a breath count (vs a poor mimic of a clock count) of ten or more; a free-standing lateral toe tap with one leg, again doing a breath count; elastic band pulls in various positions and breath counting repetitions and holds.

I prefer breath counts ‘cause I don’t have to worry if I got the spacing between the counts right. If my breath is quick, which it was at 1st, then I extend my count (and my left side almost always wants to do more than my right side). When my breath softens and slows, I move more into holds, letting my body enjoy being relaxed in an extended extension (vs a dynamic extension of quicker movement).

I can feel that this morning. Not a lot, but enough to notice.

We have til late morning before we have to leave to take the 6 year old to his soccer practice. From 3+ years ago, at his 1st practice, where he laid on the ground and refused to participate, to now, watching him eye the team between him and the goal, all the while moving his feet to move the ball in this sly gliding motion, it is pure joy to see it all.

After, his momma’ll take him home, we’ll go shop at HEB, and settle in for a – it’s promised! – a beautiful weather Saturday afternoon ❤️


A very long but very different & enjoyable day yesterday.

Woke to find the prev day’s 99 w/106 heat index had “slipped” into the 40’s, lol!

Perfect weather to relax into the morning in, sorta 😊

(fun with the grandson)
I made breakfast extra early, Sheila had an 8am dr appt & had already decided she wasn’t going on to her usual Friday morning cardio. There was a one hour gap to wait and we were already committed to heading to Buda at 11:30 to have lunch with the youngest girl and Max, the 6 yr old. Then we were bringing him home to spend the rest of the day and an overnight. That latter component alone settled the deal about no cardio class that morning. I already knew I wasn’t going, lol! I’d already felt I wasn’t ready for the pace, and with Max coming, we’d got plenty of activity later in the day, which we did 😊

Sheila & I’d already bought a few small soft easy to hold balls that still were large enough to be a challenge for him to control.

It was like a rolling circus when he and I went out on the grounds round the pool and along the walkways with the wind blowing the light weight balls all skelter in mid-air 😂

Other little kids followed along and parents passed us by with big smiles.

It was so invigorating to forage for fun outside!

Later, as Max & Sheila settled in to watch Pokémon episodes on TV, I finally got to work on a long delayed project of beginning to organize my many many creative interests reflected in my blog.

(working WordPress to organize my site)
Not sure why, though it’s was probably one of the easier to configure, as I’d recently updated over half a dozen old fitness posts and also done some recent movie reviews, was my Reviews category.

I created a post (vs a page, more in that in a bit) called Category Links – Adan’s Reviews. Soon as it posts I’ll place the live link here –

In it I have book reviews, fitness reviews, movie reviews, even my old DVD reviews, plus there’s a couple of article reviews I’d done I felt were still important to recognize.

They all had variations of tags and categories that included “reviews.”

But that didn’t cut it.

And I may have missed some posts, and if I did I can add that them when I become aware of them – but I tagged each post accordingly to match the type of review and made sure the same notation was used for all in that category, or I’d lose some in the search. Hopefully this weekend I can finish going through my various review posts and add any I missed.

Considering the hundreds of posts I have, Reviews is of the smaller count.

So it’s a start 😊

Somewhere down the stretch, as I create enough Category Links posts (for paintings, fiction, etc) I will create a static page that then has the links to the Category blog posts with the lists of sub-groups.

Then, hopefully, anyone looking for a topic of interest can find what I have in that interest group – fingers crossed!

In my earlier posts, like, “Himalayan Institute : “Aging Gracefully” : An Article for All Ages – Review”, I had come up with a 3 tag list on one line near the top of each blog post that one could click to find the posts in that interest: Site Areas (then below that) Fitness – Arts – eBooks.

For better or for worse, I’ve outgrown that and can’t go back. Well, I don’t want to, right? 😊 I can admit that. I don’t want to deny or hide where my interests are and want to go toward ☺️

So I may have something similar top of the posts, maybe via a widget.

But first, creating consistent searchable listings.

(re-discovering old images)
One of the treats so far in doing the above work, is coming across old photos I’d forgotten about.

In “Adan’s Images # 3 – San Antonio Riverwalk, Painting circa 2003” I found a fantastic image of Sheila in our art booth in the only NYC art show I’ve done, showing the painting of this post on display!

And in “Texas to Vermont – Finishing Up, On to Paris, then Back to Texas” I am both embarrassed & proud to keep posted a photo of me about 60 lbs heavier in 2005 than now! A little further below that, in the post, was how I looked in 2012 after much hard work on Sheila and my part learning about and changing the way we ate. It’s hard to believe, but in the 2005 190+ lb pic if me, I was Jazzercising with Sheila 4-5 times a week in pretty vigorous mode. Live. Not just via DVD, lol!

I guess if we hadn’t, I’d’ve been over 200 something! 😯

So once again, I’ve much to be grateful for 💕

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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