Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Transition)

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“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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texas to vermont – have yoga, will travel (transition)




Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Preparations)

Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Transition)


In Vermont

today will be my first full day in my new location with sheila, her home state and town of burlington, vermont

Shore & Lake View, Burlington Vt
Shore & Lake View, Burlington Vt, Original Photography Adan Lerma

different from arriving to visit, we’re here to stay awhile 😉



i call this a transition, not a beginning, or preparation, like my previous texas to vermont post, because i have a final in-progress step toward having the pieces for integrating my interests in yoga, fitness, and the arts:

further fitness education encompassing the gestalt that would enable me to become nationally certified as a personal trainer

when my wife sheila and i became AFAA group fitness certified, i realized that the breadth of knowledge i wanted to know and share, that fit so well with yoga, dance, jazzercise, zumba, resistance work, so much! was one more certification away

barring those pesky unknowns i can’t by definition know, i plan to end the year fully certified to be able to offer, not only private yoga sessions, but sessions grounded in fitness theory and practice to the level of a personal trainer

i believe, with my other interests in art and poetry, this will be enough to balance those very heady life-long passions of mine 😉



while many yogi’s and yogini’s understandingly are driven to dive into the yogic depths of bhakti devotion, i find myself needing to balance an immersion-like childhood of mysticism, devotion, and emotional faith

i grew up not only in a heavily traditional conservative catholic environment, but one within the spanish speaking hispanic culture of south and southeast texas

incense, bells, angels, devils, unknowns, plus both wonderous and horrific faith-based knowns

i know the power and draw of total devotion, letting hot wax from hand held candles drip and cool upon my skin as family and parishioners chant-walked the night, in and out a tiny wood-frame stain-glass-filled church

i know the power of prayer that says that prayer not only heals and forgives, but crosses into purgatory, setting souls free –

i don’t know how much of the above is actually true, in terms of having happened beyond my childhood beliefs and years, but they were a potent reality at the time –

and i don’t, and can’t dismiss them, til proven otherwise –

but i don’t rely on them…

i seek balance –


A New Beginning Begins to Be Born

so my plan is to balance –

Sunset Sky over Lake Champlain, Burlington Vt
Sunset Sky over Lake Champlain, Burlington Vt, Original Photography Adan Lerma

to balance my faith with my science –

if i accept a fitness concept as a fact, a working paradigm, it becomes part of me, my science

each moment i study and gain perspective on our life here on earth, my imagined new beginning nears closer to its birth



A Humored Stance

as so often seems to happen, as i prepared this article, i’ve come upon articles expressing much of what i am wanting to express, but differently enough to warrant, i believe, my sharing a link to them with you


of all places, though why i’m surprised i’m not sure 😉 yogadork has an article by j brown, “screw union with the divine

don’t let the irreverent title throw you (if it does) – this is a serious down-to-earth well thought out piece; if nothing else just take a sip 😉

here’s a snip, from the article,

“An important distinction needs to be made: Monks do yoga practice for different reasons then moms and dads”


and then there’s a wonderful piece, an interview, that cora wen put up links to on her facebook page, “BKS Iyengar Interview – Times of India May 25, 2011,” subtitled “YOGA IS AN INDIAN HERITAGE, NOT A HINDU PROPERTY”

there’s so much humanity and compassionate understanding just in this little interview, but his emphasis, as so often in his work, i think, was on balance

regarding heart vs head, he says,

“They are both strong in their own spheres. But I find that nations which are geographically centred in the world map — such as Russia and Africa — have the best of both approaches. They use the head as well as their heart to their advantage”

in our shrinking world of expanding awareness, using both to our advantage, very much appeals to me 😉


My Own Blog Plans

my own blog plans then, are to emphasize, though not exclusively, posts that reflect what i need to concentrate on for a while, fitness information

i’ll of course, as i do with my paintings or photography or poems, draw what lines and interweavings i can see and feel, to yoga, to both the reader’s and my own attention

after all, shouldn’t waste a convenient synergy, should i? 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Preparations)

Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Transition)



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  1. Good luck with thte transition.. I always think of them as little gifts and ways to revamp things that need it and find new things to cherish. Welcome to this coast!


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