Wellness and Yoga, a Family Resemblance – a Tidbit Post, # 3

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wellness and yoga, a family resemblance – a tidbit post

# 3





tidbits are, by definition, tiny bits


google search indicates further elaboration –

qualities such as “pleasing” and “choice” are mentioned –

“small” and “bite-sized” also come up…


thus, this series of tidbits, of small bite-sized posts, are both my choice, and, hopefully, pleasing 😉

if this tidbit comes from, or leads to, a much longer, more complex post, a link will be provided, thank you much



studying afaa’s personal trainer material, has some overlap with that for group fitness, and afaa’s starting point with the concept of wellness is a vital instance

Adan Lerma
Adan Lerma

i knew immediately, when sheila and i began our group fitness studies, that the idea of wellness as presented by afaa, appealed tremendously –

since then, nearly a year later, i can also see why yoga appeals the same way for me

yoga and wellness are, in starting premises, hard to pry apart

and i won’t try to do so 😉

my tidbit today, is merely to show their commonality, which substantiates my feelings regarding the continuity of so much of human movement and fitness



afaa, in their personal trainer study material, defines wellness, in part, as :

“Many people associate wellness with fitness, nutrition, or stress reduction; but it is much more. It is the self-empowered practice of prevention and full development of all the dimensions of life. But remember, wellness is a process, a way of life; it is not a state that can be achieved once and for all.”

there’s much more of course, such as identifying components like physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual  [1] , but what a wealth just in that one paragraph above

i can see substituting “yoga” for wellness in that paragraph above



my concern, in feeling the similarity of wellness and yoga, is, how many people may or may not become embroiled in the question of whether wellness is simply yoga re-named for western consumption –

or if and how wellness, in today’s society, may or may not differ from yoga…


and my heartfelt sense is, for my purposes, any differences are like the differences between schools of thought in yoga, fitness, art, and even politics and peoples of the world :

the commonality is much more important

both in the short and long term



my wife and i just (finally) got to see “mao’s last dancer” on dvd at home

yes, it was beautifully filmed, the main character was brought from childhood through the teen years to adulthood, and the political process of engagement between the u.s. and china was developed from the cold war to talkin’ to give and take –

plus, the love story (stories) and dancing were fleshed and flush –

but the scenes that took my heart, and mind, a rare combination accomplishment, was the thread that heard the fearful warnings of li’s family about the dangers of western influence and strangers “not like us” on their young child, echoed by taunts of “chink” and “but he’s chinese,” all lost in the merging of characters from each culture falling in love, despite all that


because the only strangeness of the strangers, was the fear of the unknown

li’s family was like my own family, the same concerns for each other and need to survive…


yoga and wellness are sorta like that for me, the same concerns for each of us, and our need to survive –

in this case, as the best people and souls we can be…


Final Thought

the value of this for me is, yoga doesn’t need to fear wellness, nor wellness fear yoga

the two realms are vast families, much like each other

with characters like :

fitness, nutrition, choice, process, balance, integration, oneness, individuality…

namaste – con dios – god be with you


tidbit series


[1]  as per John Travis, MD, MPH (2004) – this is a great bio on dr travis

his answers to the question, what is wellness? emphasis things like choice, process, balance, integration, and more

disclaimer: i am not an affiliate for any of the above links or services in this footnote



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