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“little dancer” – original arts & inspirational poetry




if the words endure, they do so because they link the links –


Little Dancer

Your tiny dancing movements are 

the most innocent of all.

They are the first fun steps created

both for you and your loved ones.

Everyone is watching you 

with open eyes and 

an open heart.

So enjoy.

Raise your rounded arms.

 Sway and move your little feet.

Clap and move and keep on smiling.

For life is smiling through you.

And we can’t but smile back


© 1994-2011 adam light creations / adan lerma


submitted to dVersePoets OpenLinkNight #60 : 090412


i always liked this poem, so sweet and yet also so true 😉


looking at most my poems i’ve posted, most of them from the 90’s, i like to look and see if there’s something unique to learn i didn’t see or sense a decade and a half ago

sometimes, though rarely, the changes scream at me, such as with “athletic training”

many, most, like “music” and “angel baby” and “heart beats” remain as they were, needing no further work, finding ways to still please, still teach, still reach…

and then some, like “little dancer,” verge toward the latter, it needs no re-wording that comes to mind, none that would satisfy me further than then, but –

what it offers me, as a glimpse into this mysterious life we live, is a new angle, a different vista, a fellow path of understanding, from what i saw then (and still see now)


what i saw then, was of course, the sweetness and innocence of creation coming to life with more and more grace and oneness with itself…

how fun was already a part of what i considered natural, even then!

and how valuable that vision of budding wholeness in life is for those of us, older now, who’ve forgotten some of our own same divine-ness…


but now i also see, how our recognition of ourselves, in this other, in this case this tiny other, reflects the young soul’s pureness back to her or him, providing an imprinted image of the look an adult has when it’s seen itself as before…

by recognizing the divine in the child, or infant, or young person, we provide a wake-up seed of recognition to that person –

how else would the three phrases below (among many in the world) have retained their meaning?

words –

they may not be the thing named, but ring the bell of life’s liberty they do 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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  1. your comments are awesome, so much detail here. The poem is great, love how you illustrate with both words and image here. Great piece. thanks


  2. love this…can see the image…the little dancer that forgets everything around them..just spin in the moment…not dancing for anyone specifically but the pure joy of being…we have to be careful not to lose this when we grow up…


  3. nice i love your commentary…what it brought to mind for me was a dancer of course…a young one maybe at her first recital….being married to a dancer i have seen many…and the beauty of their first stumbling steps and their grace that develops as they go…


    • “being married to a dancer i have seen many…and the beauty of their first stumbling steps and their grace that develops as they go…” – you are blessed indeed in many ways brian, glad you share those things with us 😉


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