Love is Blind(ing) … Original Love & Family Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

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Family Poems

“Love is Blind(ing)”

Original Love & Family Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

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Short original poems for mom, dad, brothers & sisters, and many others in an extended family.


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Love is Blind(ing)

Original Family & Love Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma


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Love is Blind(ing) - Max Smiling
Love is Blind(ing)
Max Smiling at the World


Love is Blind(ing)

children aren’t blind
in their
for us
they’re blinded
by the light
they see
in us

© 2013 adam light creations/felipe adan lerma


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dVersePoets OpenLinkNight, # 95, Hosted by Tony Maude

I’ve linked my new poem to a great poets site, dVersePoets.


One of my smaller poems, yet chock full of meaning for me.

In the linked to poem below, “Little Dancer,” I think I was touching on the same meaning, but hadn’t realized it when I wrote it, nearly two decades ago.

Then, almost two years ago, I posted it on this site, with commentary that I was beginning to see more in the poem than when I wrote it.

It is often said we learn from our creative efforts, as much if not more, than those who welcome our work.  I don’t know how true that is, but in regards to myself, my own benefitting, it is very much true.

I hope you’ll take a look at this very sweet short poem below also, and see if you feel some of the same things I began to notice them, and try to imply in the short lines for “Love is Blind(ing).”

Thanks so much 😉



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  1. Beautiful, Adan! And so true! It works both ways, too, I think. When I look into the eyes of my grinning eight-month-old grandson, I am indeed blinded by his light. I can only hope he is seeing the same coming from me!
    As for the brevity of this poem, this is something I continue to learn (and hopefully get better at) about writing; say all you need to say, but say it with as few words as possible. If a word, line, sentence, paragraph, page, or chapter, is unnecessary, cut it!


  2. smiles…such a cute pic and i wish they could just see the light when they look at us… i def. see the sun rise in a kid’s smile


  3. Ah, Adan what a lovely sentiment for such a lovely sweet child. Bless you and him in all you guys get to do with each other and beyond 🙂


  4. well you leave me wanting to blind a few kids…which is really weird to say…ha…i love seeing the world through the eyes of the child as well…they def see more good in it that we do at times….


    1. hadn’t thought of it that way, that’s so funny! but if they’re blinded by the light of love, and see it in us, then why not?

      and you’re right, definitely more good than we ourselves usually see in our world; it’s like they’re our little reminders

      i got a feeling, brian, your boys are some darn good lighthouses of light via their mom & dad 😉


      1. we try…they deff are catching on to seeing the periphery…smiles…

        know we are praying for you today…and hope the news is good…and if not, at least a way forward…


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