My Day Ahead – Sept 13, 2019

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I won’t even bother mentioning it’s Friday the 13th today (except for just now, lol!).

It didn’t mean anything to me as a kid, didn’t know it existed, and other than spooky movies and scary jokes, I’ll let it pass as it may.

Anything weird does happen – see, it’s affecting me already, just talking about it 😱 lol – then I’ll post in my next My Day Ahead. 😊


I did see my new post, My Meditation & Art – Synergy, Or Coincidence Redux? , up!

More about it in my Yesterday section below 😊


Early Morning
Saw my surgeon 1st appt early.

Very early. So early Sheila & I had time to walk around the medical offices before my appt. Nice way to start the day.

Mostly good news with less precautions than I’d expected. He did say I could’ve waited another week for my 1st review if I’d wanted, since he could evaluate more things better then, but wife & I had a lot of questions. Clarifications really, and was well worth the early review!

The reason I still have to lay off bread and meats is because they absorb so much water it could constrict my esophaguses and, as he said, “…be very unpleasant.” 😊

I’ve gone off my hospital meds 3+ days so…I can drive again!

Resuming my yoga routines is A-OK! ❤️

And, feeling tired too quickly or often, will linger another couple months.

So…I can resume more of my preferred physical activities, like –

  • walks, when the heat decides it’s baked us long enough here in Austin
  • yoga of the gentler breath stretching sort, esp when feeling tired
  • eating, except bread and meats (though I’m kinda getting the hang of chewing my food more now and actually enjoying that, lol 😂)

I didn’t include driving because, in Austin, vs say Vermont or parts of the Hill Country, driving is no longer one of my preferred activities 😏

Things I want to resume but simply haven’t, more because of time restraints than anything else, well maybe also inertia 😊 is painting.

But frankly, my priorities, beyond getting healthier, have been updating my nearly nine years old blog. I have tons of photos I’d love to post. Tons of painting idea-images I’d love to explore. And lots & lots of posters to create files for, start having printed, and actually offer to the public.

That’ll come.

A nice thing ‘bout getting old(er) – and still not having become an instant success 😂 – is I now realize (and have confidence) that –

  • I won’t run out of creative ideas
  • I won’t run out of things I find interesting to do
  • And I’ll never get them all done even if I did ❤️

At twenty, I would’ve just started doing it all 😊
At thirty, hesitated, pretending to get a lay of the work…
At forty, I’d learned to eat just a “little” more, to gird me…
At fifty, I danced a decade of Jazzercise to a creative beat…
Even when the music had begun to turn, inside the divide between my stomach and my chest – the separate sections mixing their musics into synchophatic (dis)harmony –

Which brings me to where I am now –

Correcting the hole
inside me.

That’s ok. I’m game….

Mid Morning
Too early to head to Golds Gym after my Dr appt we went home, had some coffee refills, then left for CVS for our trusty fiber tablets (w/100% natural psyllium fiber), and then went to Golds Gym.

For SilverSneakers Yoga.

I walked the track in steady steps as Sheila played her poses 🧘‍♀️ 🙏

Sheila’s class had ended, her friends in class passing by, smiling, saying how glad they were I had come and walked the track. Truth be told, I was very glad to see them too.

One, the oldest at 92 – firm friendly glance in her eye – stopped and talked about the struggles of keeping going. Her mother, she told me, had once told her, “Getting old is hell.”

I nodded. But chaffed at the full-bodied determinism. I am a Libra after all 😊

“I’ve often wondered,” I told her, letting her steady gaze hold me steady, “if it’s not much the same with little kids. You know,” I smiled mischievously, “If they could articulate it, maybe say, ‘Yeah. But life is hell growing up.’”

We paused in each other’s gaze without rushing.

And she nodded back.

Said, “Yep.”

And waved goodbye.

I know she knew I knew she knew some things I was just too young to know yet.

But she was in less a rush than even I have gotten to, or think I have, lol!

Tapioca grilled fish smothered in vegetables atop long wide yummy noodles

I’ve definitely grown spoiled on our new bread&meat-curfew diet 😋

Into Late Afternoon
Sheila and I watched the Dressmaker with Kate Winslet & Judy Davis on Prime (had seen Judy D play Judy Garland on TV a time back!) It started quirky, got funky and funny, feisty, and uphill upbeat – then turned. Tragedy. Followed by a further reversal into a powerful feminist portrayal in a small tiny Australian outback town.

If you like surprises, humor, roller coasters, heart break, anguish, and a resounding return to conquering sexist obstacles – then you will too. We sure did!

Has 4/5 stars via nearly 3000 reviews!

Early Evening
Worked on new blog post, “My Meditation & Art – Synergy, Or Coincidence Redux?” 😊

It’s a post I’ve stop-started a week now. I’d submitted an image of a 2006 Austin autumn painting for a Veterans Art Show at Jerrys Artarama here in Austin and, when it was accepted, went to my media files in WordPress so I when I’d posted about the show, I’d have a pic ready. Turned out, it was the same image I’d used in a 2011 meditation blog post I was doing a heavy duty update on!

But —
the image was a faded version of the real thing, captured with an older camera and younger photographer (me). So a newer camera + older more experienced photographer (me again) created a new shot 😊

I just thought, this is so weird, the two things occurring at once like that!

So I did this new post, link above!

After a few fruit and cheese snacks, we settled in for the one-stage debate in Houston.

I avoid politics in general in my blog, aiming more for generalities.

And in general, I like the diversity.

Good for democracy!


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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  1. I had so many different things I wanted to reply on, but by the end, I forgot all the things I wanted to say! Maybe it’s just my short attention span, but maybe shorter or separate posts would be easier for people to reply on/to?

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    • I know how u feel! And not really sure how long there’ll be long posts, a few have been shorter; I’m still exploring the daily My Day Ahead concept. I really appreciate the feedback though, always gives me thought. The one for tomorrow’s even longer I think. My life is like that right now. When that happens too much, I finally start edging/pushing myself for something shorter, lol! I would say, if anything does come back to mind, just comment on that one thing. I not only wouldn’t mind I’d love it ❤️ Thank you, Tiffany 😊


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