Texas to Vermont – Have Yoga, Will Travel (Settlin’ In)

Everyday Inspirations - PhotoPoems Vol 1***

“Everyday Inspirations, Photo-Poems” –

Images from in Vermont.

Updated with light commentary and links.

Available by subscription or direct purchase.

Texas to Vermont – Fourth in the series.  “Settlin’ In” features video, photos, and text.

“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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texas to vermont – have yoga, will travel (settlin’ in)


Autumn Walk Along Battery Street
Autumn Walk Along Battery Street


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  • Assumptions

Future Plans Revisited

  • Video Poems
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Final Thoughts


assumptions, like a well warmed bed, are still made to be changed as needed 😉



Hills Across Lake Champlain
Hills Across Lake Champlain

i had assumed my sports poetry ebook would be next –

wrong, i ended up starting with a 30 year sampler, which in many ways is becoming my template for the variety of work i have to offer

i had assumed i would move to a wordpress dot org site so i could do advertising on my site

wrong, i have more than enough projects at the moment here on my wordpress dot com site

my creative energies are best channeled into getting more of my existing content up into ebooks

i had assumed text based work was the main thing i had to offer, ie, my thoughts and learnings about yoga, fitness, and the arts –

wrong, text based work is just one of the means of expressing the integration of those interests

photography and video are coming up strong; next week i will have a major photography announcement to make

i had assumed personal trainer was my next fitness level to aim for –

wrong, closer to my interests, and more applicable and useful, would be training with someone like jill miller; that is a major direction-assumption change i’ve made in regard to my yoga learnings

but, i had assumed, in my most recent texas to vermont post, that the road to integrating my interests in yoga fitness and the arts might be a great unknown –

and there, i was right 😉


i start to think i’m gonna format or index my book, or a sequence of photos, or my emerging poetry-reading videos, a certain way – but not until the feel and the thought merge, do i gain lasting clarity

needless to say, that’s how i do my yoga 😉


Preview : “Everyday Inspiration: PhotoPoems Vol 1”


Future Plans Revisited

YouTube Video Still, "Across the Lake"

Video Poems

this is new to have actually have going on, but i’d thought and thought about this, and finally figured out how i’d get it going – just do one!

well, i did do some planning, but all the research into lighting, sound equipment, editing, etc, that’s a learning curve that’ll show up as i learn it 😉

my poem from earlier this week, “across the lake” has an embedded link to my first youtube poetry reading video, the video is also posted above

in addition to working with what video technology i have right now, i also decided to go with my first and earliest college theatre work, readers theatre

i threw out the notion of some sort of grand performance quality, ultra polished and serious, i decided i just wanted to have fun with this, yea!

so this is “very” informal, not memorized, and in future videos, i may or may not be shaved, or less or more formally dressed (though i will be dressed 😉 ), and may even possibly do two or more reading renditions, to show how intent can alter the same words and images

i know, sounds yogic 😉

if you like these, please tell your friends!


Photo Poems

this is a neat thing to do i just haven’t paid any attention to before – the opening up of being able to work in digital form with imagery and words, via preparing my first ebook, made me much more aware of this art style

but it was a post, “photopoetry,” by a blogger named joy, that showed me how rich and powerful this combination could be

i’m trying my first hand at this in my new photography focussed ebook which i’m well along the way into now; there’s more info on this new ebook project below

meanwhile, i wholeheartedly recommend the above link


More eBooks

30 Year Sampler, Stories Poems & Images, Felipe Adan Lerma

as mentioned above, my next ebook, nearly finished, will be photography focussed

i’ve done photography since my first camera as a late teen, and one day, when i dig out my box of old photos and get me a scanner, will post some of that very early work, or should i say fun? 😉 ’cause back then, it was clearly just great fun

i’m posting the 15 images from my first ebook, “Sampler” in larger format with commentary, including details shots of about 7 of those, also including two creative photography posts from this blog, plus the new photo-poem, and two photography poems – it’s a nice size work

i’d wanted to epublish something for 99¢, to see how that would “take” but the cost to the author for selling a work (the cost to download to a buyer) is based on the amount of digital content –

having images doesn’t double or triple the size of the file, it humongasizes it! 😉 so $2.99 seems to be the support floor at this time


so if i want to offer the work i want to offer, much like if i want to offer the yoga classes i want to offer, or post the subject matter i want here on this site, then choices must be made

in either cases, at this point, i’d prefer to offer the content and quality i feel best satisfies myself and the potential person i’m interacting with

win-win as my yoga teacher in houston, lex gillan used to say 😉 during yoga teacher training

and realistically, for the author/artist and the buyer/reader, to have the level of imagery available, embedded in a photo ebook, or ebook of fiction or poems, with color images, for the small additional upload costs (to the author/artist), is a treat well worth it 😉


other ebook things going on, are, re-writing one of the short stories in “sampler” and uploading it as an addition, as a 2011 version to go with the original 1981 version, so people can see the differences in perspective after 30 years

i think it’ll be good for me to see and feel what the differences time and aging, will have in my writing a “today” version, of what i was coming-from, at age 27, single, and hot to shock and write 😉


my sports ebook is still very much on track, and should eventually see the light of someone’s reading lamp or digital backlighting 😉


Zumba® Videos

it was great fun making my solo zumba music video, then my duet dance music video with sheila, and fully plan on participating once again, once zumba has another dance music video competition

just waiting for some more great music to move to, as paying for a good soundtrack to make a fun dance video isn’t one of my preferences right now 😉



the value of yoga, for me, and what i see in the people in our classes, continues to astound me

such a simple thing really, once safe movements and posturings are learned –

which actually helps make poses, simpler!

it means there’s potential, and it means there’s limitations

it means being human with the divine within us

simple, kinda… 😉 but it is a process…

our classes with our core group continue for now in a church basement (which is nicer than it sounds), and we are grateful


New Stuff – Two New Tabs

two of the biggest new changes are on my site

new tabs have been added below the header bar for video and press releases


Video Page

Adan Stretching Yoga-like

one is for a page dedicated to listing my new and growing videos, mostly on youtube at this time

my first readers theatre style rendition of a poetry reading of one of my poems, “across the lake” went up this week – very laid back, i anticipate this is just the beginning of these

this video is also embedded near the top of this article

also listed on the new page are videos of scenic footage of vermont, and of art hop, one of the art festivals i’ve showed in

my new video listings page is an important step for me


Final Thoughts

Adan Lerma

there’s so much to offer, i find myself, when i pause to think about it, taking a huge breath

it happens more often now – taking that deep breath, needing calm and energy

and always with those seeming contradictions 😉

energizing and calming…

yes, yoga does good

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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