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Small gratitudes found in the day to day living of daily life.


Press Release – is now; A repost of Yoga-Adan’s Webwire Press Release of September 07, 2011 for archival purposes.


“the intent of this blog is to incrementally build a body of thought that works toward integrating various topics, yoga, fitness, and the arts – it’s a process…”

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[ Update 040412

The website has been slightly revamped to direct interest in posts to three areas, fitness, the arts, and ebooks I have available. ]


Intro Note:

The press release below was initially posted via Webwire, on Sept 07, 2011, and is being reposted on Yoga-Adan for archival purposes.

Please feel free to access the original release on Webwire’s site.

Additional sharing links are available on their site.

Thank you much 😉



New Website – is now :

Long time artist writer and fitness enthusiast Adan Lerma, has moved his website, to

WEBWIRE – Wednesday, September 07, 2011

yoga-adan is the new website name for long time artist, writer, and fitness enthusiast, Adan Lerma.

“My new website’s mission statement is: INTEGRATING YOGA FITNESS AND THE ARTS.  It’s what I needed to make sense of decades of interest in the arts and fitness,” explains blog owner Adan.

“My wife, Sheila, and myself, found it at first helpful, then absorbing, to study, then become certified in fitness studies through AFAA,” continues Adan.  “From those studies, I realized issues that led me to an enhanced yoga practice.  Yoga has given me a stronger sense of connectedness that made me realize, I needed to, and could, integrate my life long interests in the arts and fitness.”

“A good example would be my poem, “Cross Country

Yoga, fitness, and arts related articles are posted steadily.

Poetry, photography, paintings, music, and dance, are also discussed; often in relation to some aspect in yoga and fitness.

Category tags on the articles make it easy for anyone to browse a topic of interest.

Poetry work, for example, is found via its own category : arts/poetry/

Primary posts on yoga and fitness are located in the category foundation-posts/

An example, Adan says, of a well received article on yoga, fitness, and the arts, is Nice Thing ’bout Getting Old(er) — My Yoga-to-Dance aha! Moments! – # 5

Additionally, the right side column of each page has several menu lists to choose from, while the header provides links to classes and more.

A new header tab leads to future information on in-development poetry eBooks.  Further information on this new feature is promised,  “I think the content, and extra materials will be useful, and of great interest,” smiles Adan.


About Adan

Adan is a long time creative artist, born and raised in Texas, currently living with his wife of 30 years, Sheila, in Vermont.

With writing emphasis degrees in Theatre (BA), and English Literature and Humanities (MA each), self-taught in painting, and, more recently group fitness certified by AFAA, certified as a 200 hour yoga instructor, licensed by Zumba®, and instructor certified by SilverSneakers, Adan continues his life long affair with the arts, but with a new and invigorating fitness kick.

Discover the new adanlerma at yoga-adan.


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Final Thoughts

reposting one’s press releases is something i used to do on my old art website, mainly just to have a record of them, and it turns out, as per reading i’ve done lately, this is a good idea anyways

i do have a media room now, with info and links to the original press releases, but evidently this is a good thing to have too

like a lot of things in life, probably a good idea to have a backup 😉

namaste – con dios – god be with you


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