Vermont : PhotoPoem # 2 : “Trail of Leaves”

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Vermont PhotoPoem, “Trail of Leaves”

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Vermont : PhotoPoem # 2 : “Trail of Leaves”


Trail of Leaves
Trail of Leaves – Click for Larger Image – © Felipe Adan Lerma



Trail of Leaves

each leaf a moment

each variation a breath

each sway and tilt a marker

of the passage of the


showering wishes

carpeting a path

to bridges

barely seen

© 2012 felipe adan lerma




a tiny tilt counter clock wise of the total frame – it seemed to set the path in an energy angle that felt more hopeful

a few percentage points of added saturation – a dab, like a pinch of ginger; the mix was already so rich

touches with the dodge tool – enough to open my eyes just a touch wider on the light reflection crossing the road, added same along the further side of the road reaching back toward the viewer

that’s it 😉 not much, just enough i think 😉

Thompson Park

part of Thompson Park, which is part of the Stowe Recreation Path, this view is just a fraction of the whole trail, which meanders by a brook, goes underneath the road between the city of Stowe and the sky resorts, and wanders back toward the town

the path itself is used by both bicyclists and walkers

Autumn Leaves in Vermont

storms had passed through the days before, and the stillness of the leaves seem frozen where the winds left off

for a texas boy like myself, this was an incredible visual and textural treat

the variety of foliage, when everything is green, is gorgeous, yet more muted, with the layers within one’s visual distance almost flattened

it seems, for me, that in fall colors, because each bush and tree and shrub and layer is in its own process from green through yellows reds and russets, i can more easily, and more pleasurably, different the vegetation

from where i stood, to where i could see, seemed more delineated, and space gained in a nuanced depth

it’s a beauty, that’s for sure 😉

happy fall weather ya’ll 😉



submitted to dVersePoets prompt : OpenLinkNight – Week 65 (100812)

hosted by joseph hesch celebrating Columbus Day with parallels to our own quests in the arts, esp as poets


As poets, we’re all explorers, making our way across that space to discover some kind of truth about ourselves and the world around us…

i didn’t know this would be this week’s dVersePoets’ theme when i chose this post’s image and wrote its small verse, but it seems to have matched up well enough

best wishes everyone 😉


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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

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  1. love the commentary and details provided. Really nice poem to go with the amazing photograph taken. strong overall, really nicely done. Thanks


    • thanks so much fred, and very glad the commentary etc worked also, one never knows 😉

      and gotta give thanks for the wonder of the day for that image; i was lucky and blessed to be there then w/my wife 😉


  2. it amazes me some of the parks here where you never see anyone…though they are the kinda cool places i like to visit as well…best kept secrets…esp this time of year….lovely man…love all the color and leaves this time of year…


    • it was a gorgeous day for us brian, thanks 😉

      and the road of the main road to thompson park is a drive-way style dip off that curves into the parking area; and yea, only saw a few folk, also totally mesmerized by this great recreational path, nice 😉


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