Thompson Park Bridge Stowe Vermont – Original Photography, 1st Published August 17, 2016

Continuing from yesterday’s post featuring Paris poetry and photography, I move on to one of my (many) favorites from Vermont.

I think I see a trend developing where I’ll then post an image from both Austin and Costa Rica.

After that, I’ve really wanted to re-visit a few of the numerous fitness tips I believe have me and Sheila stay as active as we are – we could be better, but could be worse, so not bad. Aging gracefully as we can 😊

As I mentioned yesterday, I hope you’ll agree, this is a nice way to (re)present older work I value ❤️ ☺️


Original Image Before Editing

A few things are real obvious

  • I cropped the image to eliminate the heavier leafless branch on the left above the white crop line, creating the “feel” I wanted via a panorama anyway, though I wasn’t sure of that ‘til I played with the degree of crop
  • I removed several high power lines in the center distance – a labor of love 😊 ‘cause I really preferred the purer rustic reach across the bridge

Somewhat less obvious are the numerous dodge strokes and – less so – sharpening passes — both in spots and passes, back-dialing the effect in places; basically happy playing with the wonderful colors and shadings!

The image itself was captured over half an hour after Sheila and I had taken turns taking our pictures on the bridge, went walking about, then returned when the rapidly dimming Vermont September light spurred me to try and capture the bridge as itself!

So here’s us about half an hour earlier, enjoying being in the wonderful autumn world of Sheila’s home state – Vermont ♥️

The Little River flowing underneath me on the bridge is featured in several shots from this and a later visit to Stowe 😊

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Little River Along Mountain Road in Stowe Area ©Felipe Adan Lerma ; more Vermont images at .
Little River Along Mountain Road in Stowe Area © Felipe Adan Lerma

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Little River Night Scene with Snow in Air ©Felipe Adan Lerma; available in my Fine Art America site - .
Little River Night Scene with Snow in Air ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Available in my Fine Art America site –
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