Paris : PhotoPoem # 2 : “At the Quai of Notre Dame”

Slumming in Paris Part TwoParis PhotoPoems Series, #2 “At the Quai of Notre Dame”

Pictured Left : New – Slumming in Paris Part Two – With the Children, Welcome to Paris

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Paris : PhotoPoem # 2 : “At the Quai of Notre Dame”


Sheila & Adan at Notre Dame Quay
Sheila & Adan at Notre Dame Quay @ Felipe Adan Lerma


“Paris is For Couples”

ancient steps to and from the seine

where a thousand year old


graces eyes and hearts



is not just for




hearts creating new pairs


the softened seine air

wraps thoughts

into blankets


heart beats like love birds


in the city of love

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


eBook Preview :


On the Steps of the to the Quai of Notre Dame

it’s off-season here in paris, and yet throngs abound around places like notre dame

and almost each time we’ve needed help with directions or such, the native parisian or transplanted italian or south american, knows english, or spanish

in this case a young couple from kentucky asked if i could take their picture, and they then took ours

the air is spattered with languages, and our eyes pick up even the drift of one word of english

“you speak english?”

“yes, do you live here?”

“no, kentucky; you?”


“ahhh,” smiles

“well,” i say, “around here, texas and kentucky aren’t that far apart”

smiles and nods



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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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  1. ah beautiful…i missed this one….i so want to go…i love how you describe it in…but


    hearts creating new pairs…smiles…great picture of the two of you as well…


  2. nice…yeah…the city of love…sounds like you’re having a great time… i love america but also looking forward to being back in europe soon…got all nostalgic when i watched the new james bond yesterday which plays — of course– partly in london…smiles


    • i think we’re gonna try and see it here in paris, french dubbed? hope not 😉

      we’ll be here through mid dec, let us know if you come to the city

      and yeah, know what you mean ’bout missing home 😉


    • you have a very astute comment about living in paris, and your very real challenges, esp with a child, on your site :

      “I know that all of the above can happen in any city, any country but what separates Paris out from the rest of the world is that the prices are extortionate and the salaries do not support the cost of living and living relatively well.”

      it’s not much consolation, when one is in the midst of your challenges, but i have to admit, i and many others have found many the same challenges in many cities in texas and vermont, the former which has a fairly low standard of living costs and relatively more jobs

      so from my heart, my best wishes for you – and hope you’re still working on that romantic comedy 😉 take care


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