Paris : PhotoPoem # 8 : “Au Revoir Paris, Hellooo Paris in Memories”

Slumming in Paris Part Eight v2 medParis PhotoPoems Series, #8 “Au Revoir Paris, Hellooo Paris in Memories”

Pictured Left : Slumming in Paris Part 8, With the Children: Ben Franklin, a Manifestation, and Love


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Paris : PhotoPoem # 8 :

“Au Revoir Paris, Hellooo Paris in Memories”


Plaque, Treaty Recognizing American Independence
Plack, Treaty Recognizing American Independence
Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma


on a rainy dreary day, we found a note of sunshine, a place noted in our “lonely planet” book guide that’s provided us with much guidance and ideas :

the location where britain signed the treaty of paris recognizing american independence

all kinds of famous guys like benjamin franklin et al were there 😉 and i’ve provided a few suggested links below for more info on the treaty and war for independence

it was worth the trip 😉

the hotel next door, the guide book also told us, is where hemingway first stayed  in paris


Plaque at Former Hotel L'York, 56 rue Jacob
Plaque at Former Hotel d’ York, 56 rue Jacob
Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma


“A Remembered Reality”



as we see it in reality

is a paris made

new in our


with bits of pastries

sips of wines and other

countries’ drinks of preference

with pastas tacos fajitas and sushi

with statues hung with golden

holiday wreaths and holding

cups of once hot coffee


vistas of the eiffel tower



across christmas trees


open gardens planted for

italian princesses married french

paris is a remembered feast


where the buses stop for protestors

and it’s warmer outside in the


under heat lamps outside

on the terrace


i’ll remember her well

broad avenues with slim arms

of tiny streets


birds know to merely walk aside

and fly

only to catch the ships streaming along the quais

yes, paris, yes

© 2012 felipe adan lerma


linked to dVersePoets Prompt # 74 hosted by grace (aka heaven)


American Independence

Treaty of Paris, 1783


timeline & aspects of the war in the South & West, battle at Yorktown & benefit of French alliance

“The American Revolution 1778-1783”


“The treaty document was signed at the Hotel d’ York – which is now 56 Rue Jacob…”


extensive timeline, including mention of Treaty of Amity and Commerce and a Treaty of Alliance


short interesting history of military alliance and what happened up through 1800


Site of Signing of Recognition of American Independece by England in Paris
Site of Signing of Recognition of American Independece by England in Paris
Photography © Felipe Adan Lerma


Paris, We’re Leaving, Sorta 😉

how can i say goodbye to paris?

though i don’t know and can’t say when and if i will be back, it will forever pull me to come back to this beautiful city

thus the post’s title, until i see you again 😉 au revoir!

best wishes – meilleurs vœux!



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Paris : PhotoPoem # 8 : “Au Revoir Paris, Hellooo Paris in Memories”

PhotoPoem: “Passages in Moments”


Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you




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    • all things change, and based on your work i read now, it seems you’re in a good place now 😉

      besides, what happens in your 20s, stays in the 20s 😉 , ie, it’s a product and result of what we knew and felt then –

      often, for me, it was a passionate yet confusing time; old enough for many things, yet still looked on as “too young”

      if there’s a perfect age, it seems to me it must be a secret locked inside our hearts 😉


  1. smiles…jealous in claudia getting to meet you all yesterday…and i will pull your poem to my face and breath deep once more of paris until i can see her…..lovely magical view that you give sir…smiles.


    • well hopefully, a few thousand miles later and a lucky chance here or there, we’ll finally get to meet up too, it would be a distinct pleasure for us 😉 thanks so much brian, ya’ll look to be a great tandem, no wonder dverse’s done so well!


  2. smiles…oh i can imagine how difficult it will be for the two of you to leave this wonderful city… yesterday evening after my appointment i was walking down the champs elysees..bathes in those lights and it was just magical…didn’t want to go…smiles…was lovely to meet you…say hi to sheila as well


    • i will, thank you claudia

      yes aren’t the lights fantastically beautiful there! my favs were the blue globes that marked the break between the areas with the large department stores, and the huge line of little wood shops set up

      and our visit with you will always be one of our highlights, sheila thought the world of you 😉


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