Paris : PhotoPoem # 7 : “Luxembourg Gardens” With Photo-Essay

Slumming in Paris Part Two

– Links Updated Nov 26, 2019 –

Paris PhotoPoems Series, #7 “The Luxembourg Gardens with Photo-Essay”

Pictured Left : Slumming in Paris Part Two, With the Children – Welcome to Paris –


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Paris : PhotoPoem # 7 : “Luxembourg Gardens”

Stretches of Open Gardens

With Photo-Essay



Medici Fountain, Off Season © Felipe Adan Lerma
Medici Fountain, Off Season © Felipe Adan Lerma

no other way to describe it, off season or not 😉 a fabulous part of the garden

the medici fountain


(links, plus a short photo-essay style of more pictures are below the poem)


“The Gardens Within Paris”

sunny or cloudy

they’re there all year

they’re there for everyone

bird houses the size of smart cars

set into the trees



fat as the kings of old

dense of the tourist anew


quick as the children scooting

on sidewalks on scooters and skates


flowers like watercolored stars

among trees grown tall

all around



gates statues fences urns

and cameras


the luxembourg gardens

fit for a queen


for a city

the Citi of Paree

 2012 felipe adan lerma


Poem Linked to dVersePoets Open Link Night # 73

Hosted by Tashtoo!

original poetry by creative folk 😉


the following is a short photo-essay of images i took recently when my wife and i visited the the luxembourg gardens on two separate days, a cloudy day and a sunny day


Medici Palace and Florals © Felipe Adan Lerma
Medici Palace and Florals © Felipe Adan Lerma


Angels in Luxembourg Gardens, Sunny Day © Felipe Adan Lerma
Angels in Luxembourg Gardens, Sunny Day © Felipe Adan Lerma


Another Angel, Sheila at Luxembourg Gardens ;-)
Another Angel, Sheila at Luxembourg Gardens 😉


My Paris images on Fine Art America

The Luxembourg Gardens

History of Luxembourg Garden


Google Images of Luxembourg Gardens –
huge variety of types of images, photos, sketches, photos, etc


Paintings of the Luxembourg Gardens by Famous Artists –

hard to beat a good google search of a wide range topic 😉

as in my post on the tuileries, with a link to paintings about it, i would highly recommend browsing several pages deep into the search results


Neat Place to Eat Near Luxembourg Gardens

Machu Picchu
– Updated 11.26.19 – appears this restaurant is now closed –

on one of our trips (several already) to luxembourg gardens (down the street via st michel) we wanted to try a peruvian restaurant recommended by the folk of lonely planet, with a book of the same name – tania our youngest had suggested the book, and had had a great trip to peru some time back, so that seemed like enough reasons to google the tiny street it’s on and give it a try –

below, because i couldn’t find a website for it, is a google search of reviews etc for it

very interesting place, great food, good prices, well worth it


as most places we’ve been to at lunch, we’re the first ones there, and soon after, packed!

paris is definitely a late lunch (vs u.s. lunches) place 😉


Sheila at Machu Picchu Restaurant, Paris
Sheila at Machu Picchu Restaurant, Paris


Final Thoughts

i’ve had the good fortune to have grown up around some great parks, moved and lived by other great parks, and the luxembourg gardens in paris adds another great place of nature people have been able to keep fresh and useable, both for other people, and fellow winged and furry creatures we live with 😉

and like so many of the great areas i’ve been close to, whether galveston’s seawall, herman or memorial parks in houston, lady bird (town lake) and barton springs in austin, or the waterfront and leddy park in burlington vt, luxembourg gardens appears worth experiencing in all its state year round

having parks like these around us growing up and now, is like a communal prayer with the world around us, that things will work out for our little planet

best wishes,



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Paris : PhotoPoem # 7 : “Luxembourg Gardens” With Photo-Essay

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Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you



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  1. I spent a day there the last time I was in Paris. I stayed just down the street. Lovely poem, and lovely pictures. I wrote a poem about it too. It was inspired by all the queen sculptures in the park. I like the joy in this poem. Well done!


    • thanks so much gay, and glad you caught the feeling of joy i felt writing about this beautiful place 😉

      will be trying to get to folks postings later today, caught a bad-bout of something, rest seems the best solution right now

      thank you so much for coming by 😉


  2. smiles..the gardens of a city say a lot about the city itself as well.. lovely pic of your wife as well…smiles…sounds and looks like you’re having a great time..


    • still a good time, despite cold and rain, and having to do logistics for having a car and furnishings shipping, plus, find and secure a rental for our return 😉 being here still all well worth it 😉

      yes, very much agree, gardens say much about a city and its people, best wishes claudia 😉


  3. ah you make them sound magical….from the birdboxes (which sound like mansions ) tot he birds like children, ha…to the flowers…i like how you pick up the pace a bit there as if you are trying to take it all in real quick to give it to us…still pining to go sir…smiles.


    • lol! those bird houses are so big (and up in tree!) i thought they were electrical switch boxes! you can even see they have a cut-out outline in the shape of a door a person can fit through 😉

      sorry so late responding, have been taking care of chores relating to moving back to texas, “only” a week and a half now!


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