Header # 13 – Paris, Notre Dame Quai (Photography, PhotoPoem)

Slumming in Paris Part TwoHeader Art # 13 – Paris, Notre Dame Quai.

Pictured Left : New – Slumming in Paris Part Two – With the Children, Welcome to Paris

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Please Note: This post was updated 11.04.20
Please note: This post updated 12-24-21

Header Art # 13 –  Paris, Notre Dame Quai

Photography Header


Notre Dame Quai - © Felipe Adan Lerma
Notre Dame Quai – © Felipe Adan Lerma


Notre Dame Quai Full Size Image - © Felipe Adan Lerma
Notre Dame Quai Full Size Image – © Felipe Adan Lerma


Quai at Notre Dame

the quais in paris have a storied past, and much like the seawall in galveston or the riverwalk in san antonio, they provide close access to the water in a relatively safe and potentially enjoyable manner

it’s hard to see real well, but the small bridge crossing the water to notre dame is packed with people – good thing we’re here in the off-season 😉


850th Anniversary of Notre Dame, December 12, 2012

we just found out, venturing around the ancient cathedral, that on dec 12th, there’ll be a celebration of the church’s birthday so to speak

i’m assuming the 850 years is from a specific point of finish, as it seems i’ve read construction went on for over two hundred years

either way 😉 this looks like a great event

oh, and dec 12th is the start date of the celebration, which continues into dec of 2013 – now that’s a party 😉


Comme Chai Toi

i want to add that my wife and i had a fabulous meal at a new restaurant, chomme chai toi, right across from the side of notre dame, with an incredible view

with food to match in terms of quality

we met the owner, who’s a chef, and feel this is a place we can recommend based on our visit there 😉

More of my Paris photos and paintings @FineArtAmerica 😊 —

Cropping, and Other Image Editing Choices

visually, choosing where to crop from the full size image, to create my header, was an extra challenge

I moved my crop box up and down several times, checking the feel of the image, and finally opted for just a hair above the three arches

also, my original angle has the bridge slanting down to the right too much, so i rotated the image a hair

finally, seeing that the global exposure adjustments didn’t quite work for me, i used a large brush size for the dodge tool, then retracted spots that got washed out too much via the history tool

some of the fall color remnants were given justice under the cloud cover, so the dodge tool helped bring some of that color out

all in all, i like it 😉

whether i’ll do another header for paris before we leave mid dec, i don’t know yet, we’ll see 😉



Adan Lermablessings everyone 😉

namaste´- con dios – god be with you



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Eiffel Tower poster above image was captured during our 2012 trip to Paris 😊


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