If Moms Were… – Original Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Family Poems Cover Image, original family poems by adan & sheila lerma
Family Poems

If Mom’s Were – Original Family Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

Pictured Left : Family Poems, available on Scribd.

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Short original poems for mom, dad, brothers & sisters, and many others in an extended family.


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If Mom’s Were…

Original Poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma


Category : Family Poems


If Mom’s Were…

If moms were rainbows

you would always be the 

first and last colors shining.

If moms were angels

you’d be my highest guardian.

If moms were roses

you’d open cheerfully at daybreak

and guide me from the thorns of life.

If moms were dreams

you’d be my deepest sleep.

If moms were stars

you’d be my guiding light.

And if moms were money

you’d never be spent foolishly

but forever saved wisely in my heart.

© 1994-2013 adam light creations/felipe adan lerma


Family Poems Book Preview


dVersePoets OpenLinkNight, Mother’s Day, and “If Mom’s Were…”


one of the advantages of posting to dVersePoets OpenLinkNight, and participating in their open call prompt for poetry, is being able to merge something i want to post, with a poem i need to post, and be part of the camaraderie with a great group of original and “very” diverse yet talented poets –

do check out their link below 😉 joseph hesch, tonight’s host, has some witty description of tending the poetry bar 😉 and ties it to one of his favorite emily dickinson poems


Mother’s Day

the biggest celebration after Christmas is fast approaching, and i’ve a few poems i’ve posted over the years i wanted to add to

recently i posted a new poem, “aging gracefully into mother’s day“, which is part of my family poems in general on my site (includes dad, babies, all those good relationships we’ve hopefully be able to enjoy)

the family poems series does include quite a few other mother’s day poems, including poems like “step mom” and “my mom is an angel


“If Mom’s Were…”

written almost twenty years ago now, amazing!

this is one of my older favorite family poems, where i created a self prompt, before i knew there was such a thing as “a” prompt 😉

i did many many poems in this style, saying what an idea or person “was” if they were something else

my wife sheila and i sold these little poems in art and mall shows all through the 90s, personalizing them on the spot, printing them out, and matting and backing them with mats and foam core i cut myself at home

all i asked of myself was to find an image that felt right to me emotionally, and see if i could phrase it in a nice way

i think that is part of what i like about dVersePoets, especially their open link night feature which circles round each week, a poet or artist can create what is dearest to his or her heart right then, in the style that suits, in the words that mean the most

mother’s day is just a month away now, and though it really exists all year round 😉 watching and celebrating its approach might mean a little more, especially to the mom 😉

best wishes everyone!


Family Poems, available on Scribd.

My Author Pages for major outlets for eBook or Audio.



linked to dVersePoets OpenLinkNight, # 91

hosted by : joseph hesch


namaste´- con dios – god be with you


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    • thanks so much neelima, but you know, this is just as much a reminder for myself as a celebration, wouldn’t think so, but i guess all relationships sorta do 😉 yeah, still one of my fav mom poems i’ve done 😉


  1. smiles…moms are special like that arent they…its funny they already had mothers day over in europe…or england or somewhere…and i saw all these posts that day….freaked me out…lol…lovely poem…treat yo mama right, as mr T said…


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