Header # 16 – Summer, Austin Texas (Photography, PhotoPoem)

The Children (Shorts) The Slumber Party


Short story set in Austin, Texas.

Available singly, or in the four story collection, “Texas Shorts.

Features the cast of extended family characters in several novels and numerous other short stories, including “Paris Shorts.”

Six cousins spending the night in tents in the back yard, with friends.  Ages nine through “almost” eighteen.

Suitable for all ages.  Especially grown-ups who like kids. 😉


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Header # 16 – Summer, Austin Texas

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August 9th, about the time in New England, places further north, north of Austin Texas anyways 😉 people are starting to prepare to turn on their heat in the evenings, or maybe a few mornings, lamenting the end of their short run of summer.

We here in Austin don’t have that problem much, or at all. 😉

Right now, almost 1/3 the way through August, we’re “maybe” half way through the worst of the heat, usually lasting til mid to late September.  Whew!

And this image, is of the old railroad trestle crossing Lady Bird Lake.  I’ve done paintings of this bridge, viewed from the Pedestrian Bridge seen in the distance, under the train crossing span.

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting our three middle grandchildren for almost a week, and I took them early to the Hike & Bike Trail there along the lake, courtesy of Lady Bird Johnson’s brilliant farsightedness and willingness to drag Austin into having a beauty of a spot for its residents.

Walking along, seeing one of the sights along the way (see beauty link above), I saw the train coming, and barely got my phone camera on and pointed before it had crossed heading north.

Of course the granddaughters had all gun slinger’ed their cameras out, shot a bunch of pictures, and were checking out what they’d captured, by the time I got my picture.  But that’s ok, we all agreed it was great luck seeing the train roar by.  Felt closer than it was!

The full image is below.

Have a great summer, or rest of it, everyone. 🙂



Train over Lady Bird Lake Austin Texas, Summer 2013 © Felipe Adan Lerma

Train over Lady Bird Lake
Austin Texas, Summer 2013
© Felipe Adan Lerma

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