Photo-Memoir of Fun Senior Bike Ride on Austin’s Hike & Bike Trail

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Photo-Memoir of Fun

Senior Bike Ride on Austin’s Hike & Bike Trail



October 29, 2014

Categories : Bio-Updates – Seniors – Austin


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swanSwan by Lamar Street Bridge, South Side of Lady Bird Lake


When my wife Sheila and I committed to participating in a local senior bicycle outing, we knew it would be challenging, despite some relatively light prep work.

And it was that, no doubt!

And I knew the much younger crew from both SASAC and Camacho senior centers, would be helpful, in some way or other.

But after seeing them care for spills, carry extra water for us, repair two flats on the path, and one broken chain – I gotta say they not only did a great job, they made it possible for a fist full and a half of us to make it the nearly nine mile round trip.

Though, to be fair to us seniors, in senior miles, I’m pretty sure that was a hundred ten miles or so….

At least 🙂


west from under mopacWest from the first image above, under the Mopac Bridge, looking west.


Our trek curved around almost all the Hike & Bike Trail. Above, we’re on a pedestrian bicyclists’ bridge under the Loop 1 (Mopac) freeway on the western side of Austin.


IMG_5235Boardwalk, extends Hike & Bike eastward in Austin


Recently built, the boardwalk above finally extended the Hike & Bike east of Congress Ave to I-35. The pink spot in the far distance is Sheila and the senior biking group we were with. There’s a close-up of her (and me) below. 🙂

The patterned concrete is very stable feeling, and not bumpy at all – very smooth, very peaceful over the water.


IMG_5208So much fun, had to use two bikes!


Ok, here’s me. We’re about to cross under Mopac (see second pic above).

I showed one of our ride guides the picture in preview mode on my phone and told him my caption idea and I think he might not’ve been sure if I was serious or not (smiles).

And finally, the scenic lady on our scenic ride – Sheila!


IMG_5165No touch-up needed 🙂

This is a beautiful park area, near where our outing started, in east Austin, at Festival Beach.


Reminder : Click to enlarge images.


That’s it, for now. I’ve more pictures, and with more time, I’ll probably do up one of my small photo-memoir books.

This was all possible via the good guides and folk at two Austin’s community centers.

Below is an excerpt about each, plus links.

Stay healthy and happy everyone!


Special Thanks

Lorraine “Grandma” Camacho Center

Historical Information

The Center is dedicated in honor of community matriarch Lorraine “Grandma” Camacho. Mrs. Camacho lived on Canterbury Street for more than 40 years, down the street from Metz Recreation Center. She was an advocate for children, first at Zavala Elementary and then at Metz Elementary. She volunteered for many years with the Reading Is Fundamental program. Over the years she was someone the neighborhood children could trust and know she would protect them as though she were their parent. She offered her house as one of the first McGruff House, a safe house for children. Mrs. Camacho spent endless hours working in her community and working to enhance the life of her community and the community’s children.

South Austin Senior Activity Center (SASAC)

Facility Overview

The 12,311-square-foot facility is nestled among numerous large oak and cedar trees on 4.61 acres of parkland. An attractive and colorful community flower garden, located just off the back porch, is a wonderful setting for conversations and outdoor games. Facilities include rooms for ceramics, billiards, exercise, meetings, arts and crafts, cooking and other multipurpose programs.


Related Title – Walking to ACL in Our 60s

Click to Enlarge ImageA short photo-memoir book of mine, featuring much of the same area as above, especially around Zilker Park, is Walking to ACL in Our 60s.

Zilker Park is south and between the area under the Mopac Bridge and where the white swan picture was taken. The Hike & Bike borders the northern edge of the park.

Sheila and I had walked to Zilker to enjoy listening to the music from the first weekend’s Austin City Limits festival, but via walking around the festival grounds in the park and trails nearby.

More pictures of places along (Butler) Hike & Bike are included.

The book is available on Amazon –


namaste´- con dios – god be with you

Sheila & Adan
Sheila & Adan


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