Cotton Swabs, in Paris Pink – a Paris Short Story, Second Edition

Cotton Swabs, in Paris PinkCotton Swabs, in Paris Pink – a Paris Short Story

Second Edition now available.

New Original Paris images.

Two Paris poems.


A very short story about the twinges of young love in Paris.

Humorous, sweet, touching.


Available by subscription and direct purchase.


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Cotton Swabs, in Paris Pink – a Paris Short Story

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Architecture in Paris

Near Place Saint-Michel and eastern end of rue Saint André des Arts

Image included in “Cotton Swabs, in Paris Pink”



Initially released November 2013, I’ve updated “Cotton Swabs, in Paris Pink” with new bonus material :

  • 6 original Paris images, including the pink box that inspired the story.
  • 2 original Paris poems, including one published by Belleville Park Press in Paris, plus one new poem, written this year.
  • Lists to Paris photo-poem and Paris in 5 1/2 Weeks posts available free on this site.
  • Additionally, “Cotton Swabs, in Paris Pink” is now available by subscription or direct purchase.  Please visit my Authors Page for links to outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Oyster, and Scribd.

The original story, a short humorous touching look at young love in Paris, has been kept intact.

Below is a small preview, courtesy of Scribd.


Preview, Cotton  Swabs, in Paris Pink


This story, like my other short stories set in Paris, is set within the time frame of the seven novellas making up “Slumming in Paris, With the Children – Parts 2-8.”  The preceding link lists all the volumes and the chapter titles.


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