Visiting Vermont 2014 Art Hop

IMG_2879Visiting Vermont 2014 Art Hop


Pictured Left :

Vermont Jazz Ensemble at Art Hop 2014

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Visiting Vermont 2014 Art Hop


September 08, 2014

Category – Vermont

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Last night Sheila’s brother, Kerry, once again took and guided us into, through, and back out of Art Hop 🙂

I’ve tried to provide a sampling of what art events used to be like in both Houston and Austin, accessible, approachable, and lots of fun. Though, gotta admit, SXSW is still a lot of fun, most the time (smiles).


Art Hop 2014

Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma
Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma

Right in the midst of Art Hop, along Pine Street is a tiny street with places like Myer’s Bagels and, seen above, Speaking Volumes. We loved going there when we were here a couple of years ago, and were thrilled to see this area again. It’s literally a few feet from the Barge Canal and Lake Champlain.

I’ve a YouTube video I took 2011 of the inlet.

Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma
Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma

One of my favorite parts of Art Hop each time has been Sambatucada. Percussions and fun galore 🙂

They’re fabulous just listening and jamming to them, but when they burst out marching into the crowd, wow! A video I took back at Art Hop 2011 is available on YouTube. It begins with my art at one of the installations, and progresses into the crowds at Art Hop.

And Sambatucada itself has a nice YouTube video.

Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma
Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma

Across the street, manned with male and female traffic guards with glow-batons to direct people and cars, situated my the Maltex Building (which is packed with several large floors of art work) is the Vermont Jazz Ensemble.

My YouTube video from 2011 also has some footage of them playing.

Totally different spectrum of energy from Sambatucada. Yet just as enjoyable and refreshing.

From here, we wandered onto several cordoned areas of music and movement.

One was a Kate Bush installation.

Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma
Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma

She has a nice You Tube video also.

Well, this enticed both my wife and I to join in 🙂

Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma
Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma

Sheila’s brother, Kerry, did a nice patient job of trying to capture the moment.

I’m not familiar with the job putting this on, ArtsRiot, but they seemed to have a really nice group of fun stuff to do, all grouped close together.

This particular music-art-dance was labeled the Kate Bush Wuthering Heights Dance Marathon.

Other than stopping for me to buy and eat an organic peach-cheddar-cheese wheat bread, we headed back home, getting to see one of the metal works installation lit for night time.

Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma
Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma

It was beside the Conant Metal and Light building.

Continuing back home (we walked!) we came across several homes that, at night, lit up, turned into fabulous art places to stop by. Here, Sheila and Kerry are back on the sidewalk waiting for me as I took yet another picture 🙂

Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma
Click to Enlarge © Felipe Adan Lerma

All in all, a great time.

The next night, Sheila and I returned for Art Hop’s fashion show, Strut.

I’m not sure what images I can use for a post, but I may end up just doing a short piece with some links. I’ll have to see. 🙂


Sheila and I Will Co-Create a New Vermont Photo-Memoir Book

We are co-creating a combo text and image memoir ebook of our five-week stay in Vermont this year.

It’ll have lots of original pics from this trip, plus commentary from Sheila reflecting on growing up here in Burlington Vt and being back.

Don’t miss my previous post, with some first days’ images of Art Hop 2014.


namaste´- con dios – god be with you

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