Story Sample plus Links : Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin (Images & Poetry of Love Shared)

Story Sample plus Links :

Love’s Travels –

Vermont Paris Austin (Images & Poetry of Love Shared)


Love’s Travels – Vermont Paris Austin

Currently exclusive and free on Kindle Unlimited.


Original fiction, photo-memoirs, and poetry by Felipe Adan Lerma

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Love’s Travels –

Vermont Paris Austin

(Images & Poetry of Love Shared)



September 27, 2014
Please note: Updated 10.07.19 😊

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Sample Chapters & Links –

Love’s Travels : Vermont Paris Austin


A personal memoir photo-poem of my wife Sheila and I migrating back to Texas from Vermont via Paris.

900 story-poem.

14 original images.

Settings in Vermont Paris Austin.


Sample, approx 10%



1 a fall leaves & lake DSCI4950

Red leaves.

Brown, brittle, and crinkly

had wound down

to winter.


sat quietly amid the silence.

It let my heart rest.

It let me best


where your eyes gazed.


among the scattered logs –

fallen forgotten footsteps in the woods

struggling for some light.

It’s in the clearing

we see

as we spot


a light, a space of blue.

The water of Lake Champlain is


Mist rising smoothing the surface water

frozen over –

fish beneath scurrying in their dreamy


Your gaze

I catch in a glint of light

promises to keep me warm.

1 sunset sillouettes vermont



how air so dry

can feel so wet.

A fuzzy ice


along our lips.


End of Sample


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More images of Lake Champlain and other locations in Vermont can be seen in my Vermont Gallery at Fine Art America (FAA). Plus other galleries include my images of Paris and Austin.


A four star review on Amazon reads :

“Love’s Travels is one of the best books/poetry I’ve read recently. The rhythm of the words with the incredible photos creates a lovely picture of love shared. Mr. Lerma paints a beautiful story. I highly recommend this book. “


Link to : Love’s Travels : Vermont Paris Austin

Amazon – currently (092614) exclusive on Kindle Unlimited


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