Story Sample plus Links : Walking to ACL in Our 60s – a Photo-Memoir #ATX

Walking to ACL in Our 60s med
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Story Sample plus Links :

Walking to ACL in Our 60s – a Photo-Memoir

Photo-memoir of walking to Zilker Park in Austin with my wife during ACL.


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Walking to ACL in Our 60s


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Story Sample plus Links :

Walking to ACL in Our 60s – a Photo-Memoir



October 08, 2014

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Sample Chapters & Links – My Blog Series

Though each digital outlet usually has a preview capability, what is previewed to the reader varies tremendously.

Some outlets have pre-determined unalterable percents, and some allow the writer to set the percent, which then is passed on to where the book is distributed. But even then, the receiving retailer may have their own set limits.

What I want to be able to present to a reader, is at least 10% of the actual content.

Of the story. Or photo-memoir. Or photography. Or poetry.

This new series on my site allows me that.


Walking to ACL in Our 60s


16 original images.

Set in Austin.

A non-fiction photo-memoir of my wife Sheila and I walking to and back from Zilker Park in Austin Texas to absorb and enjoy the atmosphere of another giant festive music venue. All photo images are original. Commentary and a few links have been added. This work is not affiliated or associated with Austin City Limits, and is simply a personal photo-memoir of our walk in and around Zilker Park during the music festival.



[ please note: formatting differs slightly in the ebook ]


Walking to ACL in Our 60s

© Felipe Adan Lerma

My wife and I knew we weren’t going inside the Austin City Limits’ fenced concert area.

We just wanted to soak in some atmosphere and see what memories might float up.

It was the first of two weekends for ACL, and the weather was one of those days so rare in Austin, just being outside created a memory. The heat and humidity and dangerously high dew points of the last several months had taken a break, not to return for another few days.

It may seem strange, my first image I’ve chosen is of Austin’s iconic Barton Creek, rather than clusters of headband attired teens, pedicabs, and plenty of police –

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But from this view (looking north from Barton Springs Road Bridge) – in the midst of all this nature, the pedestrian bridge spanning the water, and a look of where Barton Creek enters Lady Bird Lake – to one’s left, beyond the trees, is where the masses of tents and stages and music are clustered.

And if one didn’t know that, the sound from the nearest stages, held in the crisp relatively dry clear air, is unmistakable. And enticing.

From my wife and I’s own prior experience, the folks in the canoes in the lower portion of the image must have felt like they were in nature-music-heaven.

On the lower right, the columns of shadow extending into the sunlight foliage are folk like us, on the bridge. Very nice indeed. (smiles)

Almost immediately past the bridge, the street is blocked to regular vehicular traffic, with a single middle lane for event and emergency vehicles. The small crowd would swell considerably by evening, but Sheila and I knew we’d probably already be heading back.

We’ve had our share of night time concerts, including the Rolling Stones in 2006 (also at Zilker Park, also a clear October day) and Huey Lewis and the News (also at Zilker) 1989 4th of July concert.

This time around, hoping for ambiance, we wouldn’t be disappointed.


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