Advantage Smashwords – Reader Preview Selection

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Advantage Smashwords – Reader Preview Selection


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Advantage Smashwords – Reader Preview Selection


September 10, 2014 : Category – Platform Advantages

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Choosing My Own Preview to Show Readers

I figured I was done with my short series, identifying which self-publishing platforms had the best feature in certain areas, at least for me.

But while posting my sample chapters for my new thriller, “One Night in the Hill Country,” I was reminded of another: being able to choose how much preview to show a potential reader.

Even via a subscription program, especially using Scribd’s embedded preview feature (which I should also include as a platform advantage soon) the amount of preview embedded is determined by the amount of preview I initially select at Smashwords (example below).

The only thing better, is choosing my own length of preview on my own site, as I’ve done with “One Night in the Hill Country.” But my site doesn’t get the exposure of my book’s page on the multitude of outlets like Apple and Barnes & Noble etc.

And unless I’m missing it (very possible) I don’t seem to be able to choose my preview selection on Amazon.

So this is a clear advantage to Smashwords.


Smashwords Sampling FAQ

For information, including precautions such that some vendors may or may not allow the percent of preview you would like to show, go to : .

The link includes “pricing” but info on sampling is in the same area.

There’s still a wide latitude to choose from.


My New Thriller

Pre-Orders and sample on my page, at : One Night in the Hill Country, a Thriller : 3000 Word Sample


Preview on Goodreads
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Preview, courtesy Scribd:


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