Advantage Amazon KDP – File Size

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Advantage Amazon KDP – File Size


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Advantage Amazon KDP – File Size


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Yesterday I posted “Advantage Scribd – Reader Data” giving examples from Scribd’s invaluable reader data for writers.

Today I give a huge important advantage, especially for photographers, to Amazon: file size.

My example for this is “PhotoPoems Book One Seven Volumes.”


Size Matters

Most ebook etaliers and distributors, from Barnes & Noble to Smashwords, have file size limits that let their upload platforms function properly. Apple has a huge file size limit (2 GB), but currently doesn’t have a subscription program (though, with it’s purchase of BookLamp, might be looking to create one.)

But, Amazon also has a large file size limit of over a 600MB!

Their help page says :

You can upload manuscript files up to 650MB. Amazon KDP can convert Word doc and docx files, MOBI, Epub, HTML, and PDF files up to that size. KDP can also convert txt files up to 50MB. The largest single image file KDP can accept is 5MB. If you submit a larger file, it will take much longer to convert and may fail completely, so it’s best to stay below these limits. With that in mind, we’ve put together some suggestions for how to reduce your file size.

(always remember to check for current limits and/or restrictions)

This is a tremendous advantage if one wants to have images with enhanced clarity of detail and/or size.

My photo book above, has 70 images that needed compressing and reducing to fit within the limits of other platforms.

I should mention that Scribd’s app has a very useful feature where it can enlarge a selected imaged for a closer look, but of course it’s constrained by the quality and size of the image to begin with (in this case, via Smashwords.) But it is a great feature.

It’s possible I’d even redo this book, and place it (reluctantly) exclusively with Amazon, but two of the seven small volumes that make up this larger book (Creative Gratitudes Vols 1 & 2), sell well individually on other platforms. Removing them is not something worth doing or risking.

This is a sample image from Creative Gratitudes Vol 2. Just click to enlarge –

8 silver water DSCI3207
Click to Enlarge

However (smiles) I do have a special “trip to Vermont” book my wife and I are doing together, “What I Saw, What She Said,” which should be perfect for creating with Amazon’s larger file size limit in mind.


What I Saw, What She Said

Five weeks in Vermont! Being my wife’s home state, she has lots of memories to merge with our recent stay (late summer 2014). And being from Texas, I had (as usual) lots I saw I liked and tried to digitally capture.

It will be very nice, I’m hoping, to create an image (and text, from my wife, Sheila) book on our stay in Vermont, with images larger than a few inches.

With the larger file size per image mentioned on Amazon’s file page noted above, 5MB, little to no compression might be needed. Improving the data preserved.

And, since Amazon does have a subscription program, Kindle Unlimited, and my only other retail outlet would be Apple (vs also being able to offer at Scribd, Barnes & Noble, Kobe, and Oyster) I may also go that route. We shall see. 🙂



Reminder, tomorrow’s post is: Advantage Smashwords – Distribution.

Thanks so much (smiles)


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