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Advantage Amazon KDP – Ease of Publishing


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Advantage Amazon KDP – Ease of Publishing


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I won’t go into a lot of detail here.

It’s fairly straight forward and I’ll provide one example.

It’s on the extreme side, since it’s an older file of mine, involves over 100 poems and links and images.

But it makes the point. One platform wants / needs the changes below to make distribution happen. The other apparently doesn’t.

I did, to make sure, send my Amazon file to Kindle, and checked every single link. They worked fine. Also did not see any glaring font size changes that didn’t fit in.


Ease of Publishing

Ease of publishing isn’t limited to having a simple upload of one’s file.

Ease of publishing is a state of mind, a peace of mind.

And like all else in this four part comparison of publishing platforms, all could and probably will change in the both the near and distant future.

So this is for right now, mid 2014.


I should also add, if this was a title that was selling strongly across all channels, then I would, as I have several other titles so far, buckle down and fix the problems with this file.

It isn’t. So, for now, because I have other priorities, especially working on my new thriller series, it’s easier and more practical for me to default to the publishing platform easiest to use, Amazon’s KDP.


This is true example of an early book of mine, “Arts Poems.” I know it wasn’t this bad when it first appeared, so probably some file data corruption’s gone on.

But that list of errors is a lot of checking for which links are inoperable. A lot of image checking of each image. And a lot of “possibly corrupt formatting” to go through to find the “slight font size differentiations.” And that’s assuming I didn’t want size differentiations. Which evidently wouldn’t be allowed anyways. Yuk 🙂

The one counter-point I need to point out about all those demands below?

I probably wouldn’t even be aware of them if I hadn’t been told about them.

  • The title of your book in the cover image must match the book title in your metadata/Dashboard and within your source document. Please make all three match, including subtitle.
  • If you take a look at your EPUB, you will see that the links in the Table of Contents are inoperable. Common causes: Hidden bookmarks, improperly formed bookmarks, or bad or missing ToC hyperlinks…
  • Please right mouse click on each image, click ‘format picture’, then click ‘Layout’, then click ‘In Line With Text’, then click ‘save’. This will prevent your image from floating. Floating images cause unpredictable results in ebooks, and often harm readability.
  • Your book contains some possibly corrupt formatting. If you take a look at your EPUB you will see slight font size differentiations in your body text. This is caused by a mix of inconsistent on-screen formatting. One option is to do a CTRL-A and change everything to Normal style, then modify the style to enforce any individual characteristics you want.

As I mentioned in the intro, I checked my current Amazon file of this book, dating from 2012, tried every single poem’s link in the TOC, and they all worked.

The back matter is outdated and should be changed. But any font variations I saw were intentional and part of the look I wanted.

Bottomline: Change out and update the back matter for my Amazon listing of “Arts Poems” and not bother with the same title via Smashwords at this time.


Future Posts : My Writing Process & New Thrillers

Click for Preview on Goodreads
Click for Preview on Goodreads

Concluding my mini “Advantage” series, where I try to pinpoint the best use for various platforms I publish through, I’ll now turn my attention to posts about my writing process and my new fiction interest, thrillers!

My first, One Night in the Hill Country, is now ready in PreOrder for release on October 19th, my birthday. 🙂

I plan to have the first few chapters up in a post as a sample soon.

Meanwhile, a sample excerpt, approx 3000 words of the 30,000 novella, is available via Goodreads.

I hope you’ll join me, and also take a peek at any of the stories that might interest you.

They are generally all available via major online etail outlets, subscription services, and libraries.



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