My Joe Konrath, Jack Daniels, Kindle Worlds Short Story – An Unforeseen-Conventional Morning

cover v3My Joe Konrath, Jack Daniels, Kindle Worlds Short Story –

An Unforeseen-Conventional Morning


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An Unforeseen-Conventional Morning

Currently available on Amazon in Kindle Worlds

A 20 page, 5000 word, action thriller short, pairing my fictional character Sam (Samantha Lacroix) with Joe Konrath’s iconic well known character, Jack Daniels. Set in Chicago.


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My Joe Konrath, Jack Daniels, Kindle Worlds Short Story –

An Unforeseen-Conventional Morning



March 03, 2015

Category – Kindle Worlds


A New Opportunity from Joe Konrath and Kindle Worlds

An Unforeseen-Conventional Morning

My Story Synopsis

Jack and Sam, both ladies with law enforcement background, meet to host a children’s safety talk at a convention. But the guard opening the door is killed in front of them, the children already there have been abducted, and the two other guards inside are pinned down. Lt. Jack Daniels and Samantha Lacroix hit it off, and wouldn’t mind going for a drink together. They only need to make it out alive first. With the children.

New Opportunity

Today marks the beginning of a new endeavor and new chapter in Kindle Worlds.

Joe Konrath’s Kindle Worlds, Jack Daniels and Associates launches on Amazon.

He, with a handful of other writers, were what I aspired to in terms of thrillers: action with shifting point of views, jump shot changes of chapters to different settings and characters, and the use of short chapters.

Somehow, I believe I’ve managed to include all of that, inside this new short story, and still be entertaining and fun to read (smiles).

If you are a reader, this particular Kindle World will offer you a chance to see a character from another reader’s world (in my case it’s Sam, a female ex-cop that works with children) interact with one of Joe’s many characters. I’m most familiar with and enjoy Jack Daniels, his female police detective.

If you’re a writer, you of course get to see the same thing as readers 😉 but –

Might get some ideas of how to use your own characters this way also.

It’s an intriguing experiment I felt was definitely worth trying.

Pluses and Minuses

The advantages are huge for me in terms of recognition, expanded reach, and just pure enjoyment of having my creative self interact with a character I first learned to like via another author’s pages.

IP advantages include keeping my movie & TV rights, and getting a decent royalty split with a well known proven author, Joe Konrath.

At this time, the only thing I’d like to see expanded (Amazon says this new program is still evolving), is adding in a reversion clause similar to that offered in Kindle Scout.

That way there’s not the sense that the work is out of our hands forever.

Final Word

With this short story, I venture into a new world –

Joe Konrath’s, Kindle World of Jack Daniels and Associated.

I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Thanks so much,



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    • I hope you do also 🙂

      It’s an interesting experiment, combining Joe Konrath’s Jack Daniels character with my own. Both are women, both are or were in law enforcement, one has a child and the other works with children.

      The combination of an action thriller style, short sometimes chopped sentences and action, with issues about the care and protection of children, really interest me. I think the story provides a nice mesh of the two.

      Thanks so much for getting the book and letting me know. If you can, please leave a review of your thoughts and feelings about the story. 🙂


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