I’m Experimenting Again : Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa – Short Chapter Shifts

lunch with grandma and grandpa medI’m Experimenting Again :
Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa –
Short Chapter Shifts

New direction my creative work is going.


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Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa


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I’m Experimenting Again

Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa

Short Chapter Shifts



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Several factors have led me to feel comfortable trying something new out in my fiction.

Not that trying new things is entirely new for me 🙂  The related article titles above both have nice examples of creative play.

Series within series

Prose and poetry

And my first 1st-person pov fiction since the early 90s

And not that my newest book, “Grandma and Grandpa do Lunch in Austin” is new in technique to fiction itself –

I first found I liked short chapters reading a 50 page preview of one of Patterson’s books, Zoo. Couldn’t afford the ebook, so had to wait for State of Fear by Michale Crichton to get another fuller taste of this form.

And being a subscriber on Scribd, I found “lots” more of Michael’s work, including his first books, written as John Lange. http://www.scribd.com/michael5crichton

And Joe Konrath’s book “A Shot of Tequila” gave me a strong taste for scene shifting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._A._Konrath

No, basically I’m talking about these things being new to me, esp in terms of writing my own fiction.


Grandma and Grandpa Do Lunch in Austin

Where in previous fiction, I worked to build word-based transitions from pov to pov and scene shifts in the story (Rendezvous, Place Saint-Michel is a good example) – now, in this new story, I broaden the povs expressed, increasing the shifts in scene.

Since it’s a short story, the scene shifts are within the larger continuous scene of the story of Grandma and Grandpa taking four of the grandchildren, or trying to, to lunch 🙂

I find the result similar to watching a half hour television show with multiple characters of interest, like The Middle (one of my wife and I’s favs).

Scene or pov shifts have a small space and asterisk notation.

I add the latter ( * ) because I’ve noticed that, while reading on my iPhone, if the space break between scenes or pov shift are at the bottom of the flip page, sometimes the next section seems to start immediately, and the space break isn’t apparent until you realize there’s been a shift.

Essentially then, I’m working cinematically.

I think I’ve been trying to write like that, for quite awhile. “The Old American Artist” my first novel since 1983, has short chapters and even bounces back and forth on two time-lines, the past and present, til they meet near the end of the book.

What I want to do now, is do it more cleanly, more clearly – oh, and have a lot of fun 🙂


New Mystery-Thriller Novella

As a tease (I plan to do a lot more posts on this) I’ll mention that I’ve finished the second write-through of a new novella, my first longer mystery-thriller since “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin,” which is a short story.

The new novella, possibly named “One Night in the Hill Country” has over 70 chapters and is running just under 30,000 words.

Below, are previews of both short stories mentioned earlier: “Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa” and “Dirty Sixth Street, Austin.”


Previews courtesy Scribd :



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