Queen : Cover Reveal – To Be Adapted for Queen the Serial Novel

Queen medQueen

Cover Reveal.

To be adapted for Queen, the Serial Novel.

Designed by Nico Laeser.

Original image by Felipe Adan Lerma.


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Cover Reveal

To be adapted for Queen, the Serial Novel


December 07, 2015

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Basic info:

Not much to say, yet (smiles).

This is the new cover for my new thriller, Queen.

I’ll be releasing the book as a serial and adapting the main cover for that purpose.

Much more info soon!

Planned release date is Christmas, with the first episode, Book 1, available for pre-orders soon 🙂

Thanks so much!

Best wishes everyone!


Queen med

@ 2015 Felipe Adan Lerma


Upcoming posts re Queen

Working with Nico Laeser for the new cover.

Choosing (for now) Serial fiction vs Kindle Scout.

Bonus content items for each episode / book release.

Sample image and content peek.

The impact of short stories and TV on my choice to do a serial.

Folks writing about doing serial fiction.



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