New Header # 22 – Samantha Lacroix Thrillers from Felipe Adan Lerma

cropped-five-covers.jpgNew Header # 22 –

Samantha Lacroix Thrillers from Felipe Adan Lerma

Book cover design by Nico Laeser.

Original image by Felipe Adan Lerma.


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New Header # 22 –

Samantha Lacroix Thrillers from Felipe Adan Lerma


January 15, 2016

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Celebrating five Samantha Lacroix titles!


(click to enlarge)

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And in celebration for creating a cluster of Samantha Lacroix thrillers I can group together, I’ve updated my blog’s header.

It’s a nice look. Don’t know what I’ll do when I add a sixth Samantha cover (smiles) but considering I’m less than a month into releasing the episode books for Queen the Serial Novel (tomorrow Book 5 – New Sights releases) I’m ok for now 🙂

The start and progression of doing a serial novel, vs releasing Queen as one book (which will happen late this year once all the episodes have been released, has spawned more opportunities and projects than I could have hoped for.

With some timely blog design advice from attorney author Andrew Updegrove, and a super useful Twitter ad post from author Eric Lahti, plus new cover design energy from author/musician, artist Nico Laeser, I’ve developed an interesting look across the five Samantha Lacroix titles that fits right into creating the new header.

I hope you enjoy it and take a look at one or more of the books.

A selection of headers from 2011 are linked below.

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namaste´- con dios – god be with you


Selection of Previous Headers –

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