The Revenant, the Movie – The Brutal Persistence of Humanity

reviews IMG_0013 copyThe Revenant, the Movie –

The Brutal Persistence of Humanity

As a movie viewer, this is not a movie I could sit through and cheer blindly – cheering one side, one race, one man against another – without seeing the same humanity on the other side.


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The Revenant –

The Brutal Persistence of Humanity


January 13, 2016

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The Revenantthe movie

This may be the movie that, since What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, has indicated Leonardo DiCaprio deserved more than a nomination at the Academy Awards. He did get the Golden Globe a few days ago.

But that’s not enough for this performance, in Revenant.

And it’s not because the filming was supposedly the most brutal Leo has ever done. Or because he’s overdue and it’d be a nice compensation award.

It’s because the movie delivers a glimpse of a drive for humanity that strikes as real. That is as unrelentless as the return of the seasons. That is so recognizable in our hearts when watching the scenes that our hearts twinge. At my wife and mine’s did (smile).

Leo DiCaprio spoke of this aspect in his acceptance speech at the Globes.

YouTube clip:

The author Richard Bausch wrote about this truth on his FB page.


“We feel the thrill or the sting of it because it touches our nerve-endings more than our intellect.”

If you like action movies, if you like spectacular visuals, if you like human relationship movies, if you like multi-cultural movies, if you like survival movies (esp regarding the survival of the best of human instincts), if you’d like to see how American Indians be portrayed as human beings the same as anyone else, then see this movie.

And ok, real or not, the bear deserves an award and nod too (smiles).

But hold onto your popcorn –


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