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Eiffel Tower Bus Tour Night Poster @ Felipe Adan Lerma

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This is the Product Page Post for Eiffel Tower Bus Tour Night Poster

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Available Now Directly From the Artist!

Eiffel Tower But Tour Night Poster is of course also available as archival prints and on quite a variety of gift items from Fine Art America, like the framed image below.

And when possible, at other outlets like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.

I am very glad to offer an original image, an inexpensive poster print with quality inks heat fused onto a heavy stock paper 😊



About This Image

This is an image that almost never was –

Though I’d wanted it it seemed forever. Well. Something like it. Something pristine, from Paris. Iconic.

It seemed the perfect Paris plan: take a leisurely tour bus of the City of Light at night!

My wife and I boarded the bus at a little gift shop along the Seine near last light. I wasn’t even savvy enough, sensitized enough yet to grasp the sunset opportunity. That wouldn’t come for a few more years, back in Vermont for a summer visit. No. I wanted night pictures, with the Eiffel Tower alive with the holidays! Thanksgiving had passed, and we were staying another few weeks in Paris. A detour, I joked to everyone, enroute back to Texas! We’d lived in Sheila’s home state for a year and a half, for me, so I could experience fall colors and cooler drier air. So I could experience my wife’s home state very close to where she grew up and went to college. And now we were moving back to Texas. The now 6 year old youngest grandchild (who insists he’s 6 1/2) was also enroute 😊

Christmas lights were already appearing like fireflies on parade.

Avenues and boulevards glimmered into the growing dusk and then danced into the night.

I knew I would see the Eiffel Tower like I couldn’t any other time….

But I hadn’t counted on the bus stopping so briefly, not being able to get off for a few minutes as it posed regally toward the stars, huge search beams circling the city. A symbolic vigilance, I hoped. Yet, like so many moments in the city – arches, cobbled alleys, lovers in corners of barely recessed doorways along the sidewalks – real reminders of a not-that-distant past of crushing occupation. It’s spoken about silently in the museums, in glances through plate glass windows of small cafes. Freedom is fragile. It’s worth fighting for. It’s knowing when it’s worth fighting for that’s tough. You can’t afford it get it wrong, and lose before you even start.

And that’s how I felt shooting picture after picture as the tour bus rolled to a brief stop, then continued on. Previewing the images on my camera, and seeing splotches and sprinkles of colors mix incoherently with errant reflections that obviously had lost their way, I felt I’d lost the battle before I’d even started, and just hadn’t known it.

But I was wrong. Luckily 😊

An old friend my wife and I have known since Galveston – which was before we’d moved to Austin, which was before we’d retired and pretended to live in Vermont then drifted to Paris in a detour back to Austin – an old friend so far back her daughter was our youngest girl’s best friend in elementary school, the same youngest girl of ours who is now the momma to the 6 year old grandson spending the night with us tonight 😊 and she said, this old friend of ours since Galveston, one night a few years after we’d returned from Paris and I was telling her how disappointed I’d been about the number and quality of pictures I’d gotten in Paris, she said, “Oh, those. Those are my favorite ones.”

And she smiled that slow gentle smile she gets sometimes.

Then told me how much fun they gave her. The lights, the colors, the festiveness of it all.

And I began to change the way I looked at my pictures 💕



Purchase Details

Please Note:

  • All terms are subject to change without notice, but any changes would not affect any orders in process.
  • Each image title is printed to best present that print or poster, so please read all details, including purchasing details for that title to insure you can have the right image you want for your home, office or as a gift – thanks so much, Adan

All my posters are printed onto 12×18 sheets of heavy stock paper with the excess white trim left intact as shown below, allowing for easier additional matting or framing or even using push pins to place on wall.

Suitable for home or office.

Eiffel Tower Bus Tour Night Poster with paper outline © Felipe Adan Lerma

The grey area around the poster is for illustrative purposes only to show the full extended size of the paper the image is printed on and is white on the final print.

Full paper size is 12×18 inches and this full image size is 11×16 inches.

The full image size varies among each poster title to best present the poster or print, and will always be listed in this section for each title 😊


I can customize your purchase in a number of ways and is additional $5.00 + any applicable tax. FREE shipping within the Continental U.S. is still included.

An example could be to change the text to “My Trip to Paris!”. Or to even add the year 😊 We would use my email, limitededitionsbyadan@gmail.com to discuss the details and feasibility.

Multiple Purchases From My Website

If customization is ordered for $5.00, there is only a $2.00 charge for a second copy of either the same customized print or poster, or a copy of the same print or poster uncustomized.

If no customization is ordered, a second print of the same title can be ordered for $5.00.

Each full price purchase of a title qualifies for one additional copy of the same title for $5.00.

Multiple purchases from the above options are mailed at the same time in the same tube to the same address.

In both cases shipping is free in the Continental U.S.

Purchase is through a wide variety of payment options through PayPal, includes shipping in the continental United States by First Class U.S. Mail, in a sturdy 3 inch width tube.

You can use the payment button if one is on the item page, or email me at limitededitonsbyadan@gmail.com to discuss options and arrange an invoice from PayPal.

I have a 14 day return policy if unhappy with the print. Buyer pays return postage in same tube, also by First Class U.S. Mail, back to us.

Damaged Item
In the unlikely event your poster or print arrived damaged, please document the damage and send us the images, same email as above. I will gladly replace your image or refund your purchase.

FREE Signature by Artist
If desired, please indicate if you would like me to sign your new poster or print 😊

Unless specified where to sign on the poster or print, and you do indicate you would like me to sign your new purchase, I’ll pick either the white area beneath the image or within the image or border as I feel may work best.


If you haven’t found an image you love yet, or want more, please feel free to search here on my website. plus at my Fine Art America image site. Thank you so much for considering my work ❤️

Eiffel Tower Bus Tour Poster on fireplace wall © Felipe Adan Lerma



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New Information Section

All information is currently up to date for Eiffel Tower Bus Tour Night Poster 😊


Thanks so much everyone!


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

Twitter / Instagram / FB @FelipeAdanLerma
Amazon Author Page – https://amzn.to/2YpgyUf
Fine Art America (FAA) – https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/felipeadan-lerma.html


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