My Day Ahead – Sept 06, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Not sure how much I can say at 4:30 in the morning.

I did brush my teeth 😊

Wish me luck everyone ❤️


A strange day, a leisurely hurried crush, lol!

Woke up at 4 (a.m.), decided – since that’s when I’ll need to get up tomorrow – might as well stay awake and get up.

It’s kind of nice actually, sometimes, getting an early start, browse my email, browse my Twitter feed, browse for snacks in the frig – all after getting the coffee started of course! 🙂

Not like this morning! But I won’t skip into Today again. It’s up top of the post, lol!

Mid-morning (back on Yesterday), Sheila and I got me in a last class of SilverSneakers yoga before the surgery. It was especially nice ‘cause the day before we’d done nearly an hour of cardio, strength, and even some step work, something my wife used to do tons of of in Jazzercise. Once we moved to Galveston, then Vermont, starting in 2010, before we moved back to Austin after a few years, we lost track of Jazzercise, but it’s something she did and loved from the 80s til then. I only did one decade (hey, it was tough 😊 ), 2001 to 2010. Sheila finally convinced me to go as a birthday present 💝 Valentines of that 1st year. It still is, I think, one of the best all around balanced group of routines I’ve had in just one class. The Zumba Gold we did last week – at least from the Y at Oak Hill, is a close second. The rest of most classes are more specialized, and there’s huge advantages to that too. It’s all kinda like it’s own fitness renditions of the day’s leisurely crush!

So after yoga we “leisurely” hurried to Randalls (another store we like) for a few things, like snack bagel & muffin for the evening, and (real) lemon and (real) lime juice squeeze bottles for our daily sun-made iced tea. Well. We make sun tea, then refrigerate it so it’ll be cold for the next day. Yeah. I know. We could cut our own lemon 🍋 and limes, and we used to. But there’s lots of stuff we “used” to do. Gotta choose where the line splits ‘tween leisure and hurried and where we don’t mind blurring it 😊

Mid-afternoon was like my last full meal, lol!

Spartan portions of veggies (cauliflower, peas) but w/nice chunks of noodles.

Surgery before daybreak means not having “too” much in my tummy!

I made up for it with snacks in-between anyway 😉

Evening was off down the street to briefly see our youngest girl and her boy, our youngest grandchild (the 6 year old) plus meet his new kitty, Stripes.

Kitten’s only ‘bout 6 weeks old. Pretty good match up with six year old Max 💕 It was a relatively quick visit, but a good one.

Back home, I regretted, as I knew I would, I hadn’t tried to paint for the 1st time in months earlier that afternoon. But I also knew I’d regret it more starting, feeling the push of paint glowing with pigments, and not be able to do that again the next morning.

I didn’t want to hurry into doing something – my art – whose constant for most of my life has meant a sense of flow, where time flowed by and yet, I rarely knew how much clock-time had passed til I bothered to check.

Forcing myself to paint, would’ve hurt more than waiting…

…just a little longer.

We pick and choose, leisurely or hurried.

And when it’s ok to blur….


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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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