My Day Ahead – Sept 16, 2019

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Decided, since we were on a nearly week-long roll getting up early anyway, to try (or Sheila try) the Zumba Gold class at the Y nearby again. I loved the class when we did it literally days before this second surgery, but I don’t feel I’mquite ready for a repeat – but very much want to!

Class starts shortly after 8, and with traffic the way it is, that meant a very early coffee and a banana for breakfast.

With the promise of a bigger breakfast later this morning of course 😊

So what would I do? Able to move and walk but not exert those Zumba Gold moves yet, lol!?!

Well, there’s a nice indoor track there. And my plan is an energetic walk, sit, go to the snack bar for more coffee, walk, sit, then keep repeating til Sheila finishes flush from her class!

Yes. Sounds like a good plan ❤️


6 a.m.
(surgery recovery)
Update a little early for a Sunday, but close to my preferred time (5:30), but haven’t hit close to that time since we got up at 4 a.m. for my surgery last week, so don’t miss that, lol!

We want to get an early start to have coffee, a walk, breakfast, then head out to deliver my painting in north Austin before the heat & traffic both build up 😊

Funny thing happened getting the breakfast down this morning though.

My throat was much tighter than usual. Like it’d dried up some.

I panicked for a moment, like I had one morning a couple days prior. After breakfast I searched out info & found that a tight throat would probably be normal for at least a few more weeks.

I’m also guessing (on my part) that as the swelling goes down, my throat will toughen so to speak, and probably narrow via the reduced swelling.

The experience was also another quick reminder to chew chew chew, keep my food moist and soft, and do..not..rush the healing, lol!

Anyway, no harm done, but did once again raise our awareness ‘bout the fragility and wonder of our body and how it adapts to how we each treat it – to a point 😊

And, we got a surprise phone call offer from the youngest girl to have the 6 year old til late afternoon!

That was an “Of course, yes!”

From experience, figured it’d be great fun taking him to Jerry’s Artarama and groceries then home. An easy 1 1/2 turn around time before the real traffic started in the afternoon as the students started waking up from their Saturdays nights.

Uh huh 😊

(deliver art to US Veterans Art Show, Jerry’s Artarama Austin)
Our trip out to deliver my art and get groceries with the 6 year old?

Yeah, 3 hrs later, didn’t quite go according to plan 😏

Fun, exhausting, but way longer!

Between density of traffic, jack rabbit drivers (screech to halts at lights & stay on their phones til honked by the car behind them that the light has changed), video game drivers (who assume everyone else on the road is programmed to proceed at exactly the same speed, same path, they already are on, and thus can speed through gaps smaller than VW’s – lane to lane to lane – safely), and road changes and closures no one but the construction crews seemed to know about, lol! The latter’s not totally true, just feels that way 😊

We mitigated our troubled trip by stopping at a convenient Jack-in-the-Box for a quick cheese burger for the 6 year old, checking and rechecking Google Maps, calling the show promoter, and calling the location.

The thing is, I’ve been to this same location over a dozen times over the years. I took a memory-muscle brain-memory quick trip to the point where I could always finally reach my destination. Folks that live near that location of course know what roads have changed and shortcuts to take – just like I do here in my part of town (take that lane not the other one, cut through that small street 😊

My wife said, “We might have to give up.”

Me, “No. I’ll leave the painting leaning a tree before I take it back home.”

Snicker-smiles and quick side glances from the six year old.

My wife hesitated, asked, “We’ve already gone down this road. Did you check the map again?”


“You know where we’re at?”


I pulled the car over off the tiny back street we’d ended up on and onto the shallow shoulder. Opened up Google Maps again, searched for the button to start speech directions. Nope, not there. Switched screens, restarted. Hit another wrong button. Screen switched into diagrams of buildings vs road. (Something Max would have great fun with almost an hour later on our trip back home, checking out blogs in Houston and NY, mountains in Colorado) Flipped the screen up again to close the app and reopened it.

My wife spoke up. “Let me see the phone.”

“Let me get the voice set up first.”

Silence from the back seat.

We’d had great success couple years ago in Vermont with her handling the phone w/voice directions on & me driving, saying stuff like, “What’d she say?” – “Turn here?” – “Turn around?!?” – and “Here it is!” 😊

I looked carefully at the screen again. What’d I missed? Where was the directions button? Was I gonna have to leave my painting on the side of the road, thank u stranger-art-lover note attached?

I expanded the viewing screen.

Where was the blue dot 🔵 us? There.

Where was the red dot 🔴 our destination – there!

Why did it say Greyhound Bus Station?

I looked carefully at the screen, again. Saw the two rows at the top, one for location and one for destination. Last Thanksgiving, using voice directions to get to Sun City way north of our place in south Austin, the two had gotten switched and we almost made a faulty u-turn in Round Rock back to south Austin, lol! 😂

I ok’d “use your location” – top line. I chose Jerry’s Artarama from the list of recent searches, populating the destination line.

The button for directions and START appeared!

I clicked quickly, afraid it’d disappear…

Drive 30 feet to Ave F and turn left

Sheila and I laughed and told stories to Max how in Vermont, looking for the back entrance to Smugglers Notch on Mount Mansfield, when we’d get lost anyway, on tiny autumn canopied roads that took our breath away, we’d be given directions how to find our way back onto the right road. He thought that was pretty cool. And Sheila and I weren’t worried we’d have to abandon my paining to a beneficiary-stranger anymore 💕

(art process, art materials, water soluble oil painting)
Was very glad to finally find my water soluble oil mediums (variety of types & brands) & my marble dust for painting. I’d begun to fear I’d have to restock early 😊 Link for the marble dust btw is the one I prefer to use. Just like the way it looks, feels, works 😊 One of my recent paintings using both is, My 1st Art Work of 2019 – Surfing the Light, Palette Knife Painting.

In contrast, with the painting we took to the U.S. Veterans Show earlier, Barton Springs Autumn Austin (circa 2006) I wasn’t using any medium or marble dust or anything else – just paint outta the tube. I liked (and still do) the spontaneity that offered me. I’d learned to respect that.

My experiment-solution for my newer work, to compensate for liking how the oil medium softens my paint and (playing with the amt used) how marble dust “adjusts” my paint texture back ever so slightly (plus adds some pigment properties that are pretty neat), was to try palette knives again.

Once I start painting regularly again I’ll do a post detailing a little more of how I used (and use) these very widely available additives. They’re both extremely versatile. Most anyone can experiment with them and find which of their quirks match one’s own quirkiness 😊


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I do like to point out I pick my selections to showcase from my Amazon searches. May not always be the case, or wholly always the case, but for now, I prefer picking titles and book covers and gift items that just really appeal to me. There’s lots more to choose from, but only have so much room, lol! I hope you enjoy —

Thanks so much everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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  1. LOL! I am literally laughing out loud reading this! My husband and I are both directionally challenged and we ALWAYS get lost, even with, and maybe especially because of technology! And, we are about to take a week-long road trip, wish us luck! 🙂

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