My Day Ahead – Oct 15, 2019

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I’d debated whether to go w/Sheila to WellMed, a really great place for senior to socialize, get fit, and have fun, and I esp wanted to go w/her to Central Market – I like shopping there, lots of samples of coffee & snacks, lol!

But she’d also told me of the (probable) coming rain this afternoon & drop from today’s low 90s to the 40s again tomorrow morning. I can walk in the cooler temps, I like them actually, but if it’s wet there’ll be few steppin’ pickings 😊 So I stayed back & went along a different direction along Slaughter Creek. Found lot more paths, and some dry limestone river beds – probably not be dry tomorrow! Got some possibly good pics. Won’t know til I look at them on something larger than my Cannon compact’s viewfinder and iPhone’s screen. Though I usually have a slightly better idea of the quality of the pic w/the Cannon, w/it’s stronger preview zoom. The whole walk, though challenging in places, felt like it kinda reset me – nice! 😊

This evening we celebrate the youngest girl’s birthday w/crab cakes and some very special chocolate pudding Max made for his mommy yesterday here w/Grandma’s help 💕

By that time it’ll be time to rest again, lol!

My moderate and vigorous intensity minutes via my Garmin tracker said I did 1/2 the week’s minimum of minutes (150) yesterday, and I did a bit more than that this morning!

And I’ve been trying to also reset my sleep to be more what it should be. Long enough to feel rested, and consistently so, so I won’t lose impetus during the day. Or should I say, oompah 😊

Right now, either way and either word’ ll work ❤️


(day trip to Wimberley Texas, plus remembrances of)
Yesterday was a fun day w/my wife & youngest grandchild in the near Hill Country of Texas, and surprisingly in some ways for me, an introspectively revealing day.

We hadn’t gone out much to Wimberley since the early 2000s, and had 1st visited there when we moved to Austin in ‘89. Through the mid 90s, til we moved back to Galveston, we lived a little further west than we do now, though just a touch less south. So then and now puts us about as close to a short drive (in Texas miles 😊) as we can be & still be in Austin.

I evidently took lots of pictures of beautiful Cypress Creek there (see today’s regular post on our trip to Wimberley w/the grandson), ‘cause when we moved back to Austin for the start of the 2000s, the house we bought had a postcard pic I’d made and sold then donated to various charities in Austin, on her wall! Kinda amazing!

I’d forgotten, til I saw Cypress Creek again, I’d also, in the 2000s, painted several scenes of the huge trees’ reflections in the river. Except for when it floods, it’s a gentle glassy stretch of water reflecting rich greens and blues from the trees and skies.

The pictures in my post above are mostly of my wife and Max having fun, with a couple of the river, but I’ll post one or two to Fine Art America soon & do a post on that when I do.

Our day trip was great fun, esp having the 6 year old with us, but it also reminded me of much of my creative history I’d bulldozed over with other activity.

It was good to rediscover it, very good 💕

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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    • I think I’m like the weather right now, a roller coaster, lol! Slowly doing more & more, but having to also take some really deep breaks, ie, more sleep etc; but all well worth it! Thanks, Tiffany! 😊


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