My Day Ahead – Oct 26, 2019

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Full day yesterday, as noted below. How full was it? Well, it’s after 7am and 6 year old’s still asleep, and he almost always wakens first, usually before 6 since he has to be in school during the week by 7:30. Early for a little one!

Full day scheduled again today after breakfast, starting w/taking 6 yr old to soccer practice, followed by trip to Buda where his mom’s taking part of the small town’s Halloween festivities, then short visit to family friend Sheila knows via her exercise classes back in Austin for that lady’s birthday.

I think sleep’ll be in order after that 😊


Luckily prepared today’s reg post, an update for my Affiliate Shopping page on Amazon (new panoramic image header of Vermont), yesterday, cause after that, full day w/grandson and various chores – though the latter was lessened somewhat cause same said grandson was in tow, or towing us, lol! 😂

Stayed for full chess class session which always ends with delivery of six foot high pile of pizza boxes for all the 1st graders and younger. To say noise was a constant is to say there’s wind on the earth 😊

After, we stopped at Hobby Lobby where I got my Old Bakery & Emporium December show painting entry framed. They do a great job, I had a coupon, and they had a sale, so had to pick which of the latter two to choose. Picked the sale and gave the coupon to the 6 year old who promptly found a red wide-winged dragon. Nice pick on his part. He also helped pick the frame choice color for my painting. He and grandma had concurred, so the white frame for Hackberries was a winner! 😊

Enroute home we stopped at HEB and got cheeses and liverwurst at the deli, fresh produce, a slice of chocolate cake w/swirls of chocolate icing, Crystal Geyser waters, a slice of pecan pie, protein drinks, coffee milk, all natural beans, and rubber bands for posters at shows.

Did you notice how Max and I slipped in our slices of choice as treats? Not our usual pattern, but I was ready, so Max had to have something too. Oh, I meant I was ready to have my 1st pecan pie taste since, not only before my operations, but before I’d started getting sick before my 1st operation, 5 mths ago now! – but sly on us huh, lol? 😊

Home, Sheila got the 6 yr old settled, including a decent supper before any cake, and I went back to the car with the reusable grocery bags (including a great thermal one we got in Vermont years ago) and got the mail plus a package from the package lockers then remembered to also bring in my framed painting.

By that time it was dark. Time to watch Young Sheldon and Magnum PI, both watching-with-Max favs.

Young Sheldon, I think, has the potential to be a real classic over time; while Magnum PI, which I thought would be a total dud (I’m a big fan of the original series w/Tom Selleck), has grown to be a great light-viewing action show we love watching w/Max. He likes pointing out the amazing geological formations and water scenes as much as the dogs chasing Magnum & the way Higgins kicks butt, lol!

Yeah, definitely a full day ❤️ 😊

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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