My Day Ahead – Oct 28, 2019

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Today no early morning class for either of us, though Sheila & I may go to the noon strength class at Gold’s Gym. Beyond that, last of the month, so lots of bills to be paid. Also last of the few days of mild weather before another, more lingering cold front comes in. Stomach’s a lot better though still just off kilter this morning. Allergies are way up all across the area, and I’d forgotten (and maybe not realized til these surgeries) the impact all the drainage into the stomach from those allergies are. I rarely take an allergy pill but did do so yesterday and it definitely helped. Hopefully make it without another today 😊

Hope to at least finish the post I began yesterday on my reading-review of my digital copy of Notan. I think it’s gonna have as much impact on my thinking and feeling and eventually, doing, as I’d hoped. We’ll see ❤️


Well, as sometimes happens, and more often than not, that’s for sure, almost none of yesterday’s “plans” panned out, lol!

The breakfast w/the daughter from out of town switched out to helping the daughter w/the 6 year old when it turned out her battery’s gone dead the night before and AAA had come out & given her a jump. She’d been in a small neighboring town w/her best friend and both their 3 children for Halloween thing in that small town. The 6 year old had gone home to spend the night w/the best friend and her 2 children, in costume, while the younger daughter waited for AAA. The latter had thought the battery’d be ok in the morning, wasn’t, so had to get a new one, so we went & got the 6 year old who only had his costume or his underwear to wear home. It was kinda funny 😊 Wife & I gave him his choice. He chose to come home in his underwear. Boxer briefs look like exercise shorts anyway, lol 😂

Plans for the afternoon trip north nearly to Cedar Park for the anniversary celebration for CAS (Creative Arts Society) fell victim to a now thankfully more rare recurrence of gastric pain. I chose to stay home and wife & I walked on and off with gradually over several hours eased the pressure, but I was pretty worn out by evening.

I did get today’s post on updated older posts up, did update my Product pages on Amazon adding comments on items I have 1st hand experience with (both reg products, like women’s tops I’ve given Sheila, and art related materials), and began, as I call it, a reading-review of Notan, a book about visual design that goes way beyond simple lines and shapes, but about the experience of those elements. I should have that ready to go up for tomorrow (Tuesday, the 29th).

That latter project last night was what I couldn’t get myself to break away from & at least get the skeleton of this My Day Ahead post at least started ☺️

I’d read the forward a week or more ago and (thought) I’d gotten stuck there, but realized last night, reviewing the forward again, I was still processing the ideas, what the author calls experiencing the concepts. And I felt I really did feel that!

I got obsessed last night finding a sample image to reflect the opening concept from the forward I quoted, a successful one, lol! Plus, this morning, still dwelling on this, I thought of an image I really like but I always felt was just a tiny touch off, at least in terms of the black/white balance within the frame the canvas surface creates. So I need to add that to make the new Notan reading-review post be as good as my experience of it so far 😊

Yeah, it’s very good to be involved in creative concerns again 💕

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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