My Day Ahead – Nov 05, 2019

Good Morning Bird Poster -


Listening to the Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits), The Eagles (Hotel California)
— a quick side note, my wife and I happened to mention Hotel California to the 6 year old grandson; how one could check in anytime they liked, but they could never leave 😂 and he was “very” curious how that worked, lol! It’s so fascinating! He’s so curious and wants to understand, and we’re willing to teach him the culture we knew of back then, esp music 💕

Anyway, much to prepare for this week. Sending a file to my printer for restock prints for the Old Bakery & Emporium of a shot I captured one evening of the Driskill Hotel here in Austin with a purple sky sunset! It’s one of the original grand bldgs of old 1800s Austin 😊

Plus need to gather the foam core backings, clear sleeves, and prints I do have on hand to take the Bakery tomorrow morning (Wed) when I’ll also go by the printer’s.

Next week I’ve two new venues to deliver art to via my new membership with Creative Arts Society. I’ll have posts about each location and the images next week.

Then of course, besides eating good meals, there’s painting – at least a little, plus, walk! I must keep walking!

Painting keeps me sane, sorta 😊 and walking keeps me painting ❤️


With the weather yesterday so mild, and continuing my recent routine of walking 10+ minutes after each full meal and any large snack break, I’ve been clocking 7500+ steps each day, and yesterday, with the exceptionally mild weather and a mid-morning for-the-heck-of-it walk, topped over 9000+!! Not something it’d be wise for me to expect very often right now, but nice when it happens 😊

As important, I’ve maintained my recent resumption of painting at least a little bit each day. I’m working on a careful tonal redo of In the Light as mentioned in yesterday’s My Day Ahead post where I go into more detail about my objectives and hopes — the latter often ahead of my perceived capabilities, lol! A little practice each day is beginning to make a dent in that lag, but lag there is! 😂

That’s ok. I’ll adjust as needed ❤️

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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  1. Love the music choices!! I applaud you on your exercising! Along with my PT work out, I’m now back on an exercise bike for cardio….knee is doing well with it. Feels good to be getting back into a normal work out routine…I really missed it!

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    • Isn’t it amazing, once we’re active again, even somewhat, we tend to remember what it felt like “back” then, whether before a surgery, injury, or simply when we were younger and more like what we might be getting back to as we get fit again, well, at least within our new age range, lol! Glad you’re doing so well with your own recovery, Kirt! That’s wonderful! 😊

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