My Day Ahead – Nov 10, 2019

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Last beautiful gorgeous sunny mild day for awhile today. After breakfast going to Central Market for a relatively short but important list of items – Cabot white cheddar for me, NY liverwurst for Sheila, organic Costa Rican coffee ❤️

Going down the street to Michaels again. Did find a well priced small mop brush worth trying online. Says they’ll have it at the store for pickup w/no deliver charge. I can do that – did I mention they had a coupon I could also use? 😊

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! 💕


Listening to Deuter (Lovesong from the Mountains, Sound of Invisible Waters – liking this more & more!, Escape from Gravity) 😊

It’s getting that My Yesterday in Pictures series is actually helping me remember what I honed in that particular day, and now here, I can gab about parts too long, or hadn’t thought of yet, to include in that post!

And today’s post (for yesterday, Saturday), with stuff about testing a new art projector, readying for a pic for a Creative Arts Society show, and yesterday’s evening moonlit walk 🌙 just got reblogged! Nice! Thanks so much to China at her site! 💕

(prepping pic for Creative Arts Society show)
I don’t normally have to do much to ready a painting for a showing, but this is an acrylic on paper (circa 1986), framed, under glass (in early 90s) that’d been in climate control storage for a decade, lol! I’d put off doing this til I knew I had to! Glass needed real scrubbing, and actually the whole frame (metal) needed undoing (first prying out the spring clips). The mat shows a bit of age, but no way I’m gonna be able to re-mat it now. Besides, when I matted it, I had a frame shop in Dobie Mall across from UT. It was fun picking out the exact shade of red and the inside green accent mat. Probably did it for about $10 worth of materials then (including the glass!) Now, to buy new glass, have two mats cut, probably $50-75! So, ie, no way! Someone, if anyone wants this “ancient” gem, will be offered a bargain I think 😊 $125.00! ❤️

And it’s strange, now that I’ve had it out and up and able to look at it fairly regularly for a couple of weeks now, how much I see in the image now. Intimations of figures and faces I had no idea of, consciously anyway, were in there. I do think there’s an echo of this 80s piece in some of earlier this year’s palette work I was working on before being derailed by surgeries (I’ll call it creative hibernation, lol!) – particularly Winged Horse in the Sky, and even In the Light, which I’m still working on!

The biggest difference I can see is, the latter work I did recognize patterns and felt compelled to either enhance the suggested image in my mind I saw (like Winged Horse…, or add the suggested image(s) I saw missing in the painting (In the Light & Birds & Boat in Paradise).

So this was early afternoon already yesterday! Sheila & I’d gone out late morning after a leisurely breakfast to Kohl’s and Michaels. At the 1st, I got a much needed new belt to better hold my pants up, lol! And at Michaels I continue my search for just the right “small” mop brush, 1/4” preferably. Who knew mop brushes came in round, lunar, and oval, lol! I just needed a small mop 😂

(testing new art projector)
My much awaited patience stretched thin, I finally got to unpack my new art projector and test it. It did turn on 😏 but, though I have a lightening adapter for my iPhone XR & iPad Pro, it only works w/thumb drives! Lesson learned? Maybe pay a bit more for the universal adapter next time! Maybe 😊

So ordered one (arriving today) & “played” with the projector a bit. As my Yesterday in Pictures post shows, color, for the color images, even without a darkened room, are fairly clear! And that’s on a textured sheetrock wall! I do have a new screen, but not gonna unpack it til I get the projector to work w/my phone.

Another thing I liked is, when the image is skewed (the sides of the image aren’t aligned parallel), the projector has a dial to turn to straighten it out! Nice!

So now I’m on wait for my new adapter to see if this whole idea of projecting my working image or photo BIG on a screen or wall will help me with my painting. I think it will…but I’ve thought a lot of things before 😊 For now I’ll stay reluctantly patient (my wife did enough verbal expression for both of us for my having to order another “gadget” to get this gadget to work ❤️)

(evening moonlit walk)
Not much to say, wonderful cool quiet evening to walk. Not always quiet, not always comfortable temp – this time yes 💕

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