My Day Ahead – Nov 15, 2019

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Didn’t want anyone to think I’d gone & missed my 2nd time posting in my Day Ahead Series (I’m sure it’ll happen yet, lol!) – no, today’s been a day of making choices. Been up over 4 hours already & the sun is out and shining and warm and wonderful – very unsummer like 😂 yay! Sheila has a long morning w/PT, SilverSneakers cardio class at Gold’s Gym, and some store after, I forget which 😊 so I made breakfast, then went for a wonderful walk this morning 1st time in too long. The air was soft, the coolness (in the 30s) felt better than the low 40s yesterday w/wind and wet! Picked up a morning coffee at the clubhouse and headed back.

Today I’m evaluating where I’m at w/my painting, In the Light. It’s also featured in Thursday’s My Yesterday in Pictures, with both a full view & a higher resolution detail shot, though the image wasn’t captured in light like today. Not yet anyway 😊

I also want to start re-do’s and re-evaluations of two older paintings, much like I’ve done w/In the Light. One is from earlier this year, and one is from the early 2000s. I need, or should say, want to study them. Understand where I was creatively at the times I created them, and ask myself if I’m willing to let them sit as-is, or play with them a bit.

The early 2000s painting is larger and trickier, as it has multiple texture areas.

I’ll also be getting some gloss varnish soon. I’ve done enough research I feel it’s time to actually test varnishing some works, like the two I’ll look at today, and decide if – as the videos I’ve seen show – I’m missing the initial glow of the work, and desaturation of the colors due to oil absorption, or the works really do “more.”

I’m very curious about all that. Excited is a calm low voltage kind of way, lol!

And I think it may be fun! Very important too!

Plus, with this weather, good walks after lunch later and this evening.

Because of time constraints, I’ve elaborated more on my actual day ahead this time – what a concept! 😊 and less on yesterday. But do check out my pics for yesterday, if you’re interested grey dreary Austin fall / winter shots (vs today’s warm bright pics posting later tonight!), and, pics of where I’m at with In the Light. 💕


Listening to Portugal. The Man (Feel It Still), Rolling Stones (Beast of Burden, Wild Horses), Roy Orbison (Blue Bayou, In Dreams)

Dreary Day Dealt With via Art

I wish I had time to say a little more ‘bout the process of choosing what to do yesterday. Everyday’s like that to some degree of course. Yesterday’s (vs today’s sunshine showers of colors and warmth) was more in line with how to force myself to get some activity in, and how to spend my remainder time creatively (beyond watching a few fav TV shows of course smile).

Everything seems to have been done in tiny increments, with sustained efforts to not sink into the gloom of so many wet cold days.

I do suppose not being able to take a trip this year, 1st time in many years, away to somewhere, like Vermont, has taken a deeper toll on me than I’d expected. Right now, if things work out, it may well be 2 full years since being able to do much beyond the two trips to Wimberley nearby.

Art, for now, my art in particular, may be the only way to transport myself for now ❤️

Note: pics of my paintings & Austin weather are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 14’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

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Thanks so much everyone! 😊


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