My Day Ahead – Nov 19, 2019

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My apologies for not having any “Day Ahead” post yesterday, just simply overwhelmed by chores needing doing, mostly online, health & bills related, that probably took longer than I expected, again simply because it was such an unusually gorgeous day. The sunshine called me out and I went – sorta – I walked, ‘bout same amt as usual, but more ambly and consciously soaking in the steps; sat out on the balcony taking care of those online chores (what do they know about taking advantage of great weather, lol!).

Today I may go out w/Sheila to a different seniors’ fitness center she’s recently started going back to and I haven’t been to for couple years now, WellMed. She’s been very keen as they say about one of their new strengthening classes and their instructor. Plus it’d make it easier to go to Cypress Grill for lunch w/an old friend we haven’t seen for a few months & see how my two 2000’s impressionist paintings look on the walls their 😊

By the time we get home it’ll be nearly mid-afternoon, which is what’d been happening for several days before yesterday, in a good way, but leaving less time for other things.

So I skipped yesterday’s Day Ahead. I think I “called” it ‘bout 3 and recognized it was just too late, and still had more to catch up on, and did get much done. No painting, but did 2nd coat varnish my 8×8 untitled moon painting. That was worth it 😊 And did come across a short nifty WebMD Tips post (vs one of their famous Quiz’s) on helping with having trouble going to sleep, which I was able to do a quick Reblog on.

Since I have a lot of yesterday, and my today, above, I’ll write up kinda what I was wanting to include in my Yesterday section of my post that didn’t happen. It’s a snippet of a conversation we had Sunday w/the 6 year old when we went by to see him after being gone a week on a trip ❤️


Listening to dogs barking and cars revving up to go to work. It’s still dark, but expecting more sunshine today before the chances of rain pick up again.

Conversation with the six year old 😊

Me: So how was your trip? A lot of fun?
Max: Yes it was. Except for waiting in line at the airport. That was very annoying.
Sheila: You have such a vocabulary, Max!
Max: Yes.
Me: Annoying, huh? You were annoyed? You don’t even know what that means.
Max: Yes, I do. It’s, it’s like, like, I didn’t like it.
Me: Oh. Well I would have used a different word, instead of annoying.
Max: Like what?
Me: Like, I was bothered.
Max: Humpft. Hmmm. What else?
Me: I was perturbed.
Max: What else?
Me: I was flustered.
Max: What else?
Me: What was confounded.
Max: What else?
(I was starting to realized this was not going to end, and I was running out of words w/out really reaching 😂)
Me: Hmm. I was confabulated.
Max: What else?
(I knew when I was beat, by Mr Infinity no less, and had to end this)
Me: I was controbolasted.
Max: That’s not a word!

I only regret I didn’t think of “chagrined” at the time. Sheila smiled. Yeah, he would’ve liked that one 😊 💕

Note: pics of yesterday’s sunshine, walking, and picture varnishing, are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 18’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

And a pic of Sheila & Max battling dinosaurs is here – My Yesterday in Pictures ❤️

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