My Day Ahead – Nov 26, 2019

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Woke up late today, just finished my 1st cup of coffee and it’s 1/4 to 8! Ahhh, the rigors of getting old(er) 😊 Stayed up late after Sheila & the 6 year old fell asleep (after catching a new episode of Magnum PI & Disney’s Big City Greens) working on My Yesterday in Pictures for Friday. It was just so chock full of interesting visual moments for me capturing images and ended up add first one then one more photos to full round up the day. It wasn’t so much “have to” as a “wanted to” – the best way to feel compelled! Six year old goes back home late morning, so the rest of the day’s a open, if cloudy, book. Wunderground shows a tiny ray of sunlight peeking out from two clouds the last hour or so of daylight. That would be nice, we’ll see 😊


Listening to Max playing various games on his blue Kid’s Kindle Fire 💕

Visiting the Old Neighborhood

Went down to Lady Bird Lake yesterday afternoon, chancing catching fall colors the last sunny mild day in the ten day forecast (sun’ll be back out by Sunday we think, but much cooler, but only cold at night).

It was a strange reluctant choice and feeling, forcing myself to drive the few miles through the ever worsening Austin afternoon traffic for 30+ minutes, knowing it’d be even worse coming back home (and it was, lol!)

But Sheila & I’d lived in that area near Lady Bird Lake since we moved back from Galveston in ‘99, stayed there until we left Jan 2000 for 1st Galveston, then Vermont, and a blessed 5 1/2 weeks in Paris. Arrived back in Austin in time for New Year’s Eve before the start of 2013 and our current stay near downtown til we moved much further south this past summer, the summer of surgeries, lol 😂

Over those years in what’s called the Bouldin neighborhood, we witnessed the loss of nearly all the tiny houses, replaced by first gigantic overpriced squares (often needing repairs within a few years) to most recently, clusters of squatty squares of even more over priced “homes” with less room around them than our current apartment!

But, I learned over the years where to park along Lady Bird Lake for fantastic pictures in the rare times fall foliage appeared, learned the hours of the day to catch great perspectives of the towers rising downtown, great reflections of the bridges on the water in the break of daylight or bathed in golden light, great silhouettes of bicyclists bursting past pedestrians or parked in front of interesting backgrounds. It was great fun! Held my interest for literally decades, so I can’t complain there ❤️

And this spring – mid January actually, when I started walking for my health, from when I thought 500 steps going round the block was “a lot” to May, when I was cruising past 7500+ steps and topping 10,000 regularly – I began to find flowers 💐

The older (meaning longer term, like us) residents of Bouldin often had small to elaborate gardens, the soil being conducive due to the moisture from Lady Bird Lake. First I discovered where the best plots of flowers were growing, then when the light struck those little plots most interestingly, at least to my eye 😊 and where they silhouetted either against dark shadows or the sky.

Being right there, I could venture out at certain hours for a few minutes or longer and capture what I was beginning to like best – dappled light on flowers 🌺 showing both lit and shaded areas, often even on the tiniest of blooms. It was a whole universe to itself! And it is what I miss most about our old neighborhood. Though, thankfully, with the Lady Bird’s Wildflower Center being just 15 minutes away, and an annual grandparents with grandkids membership 💕 I have an alternative ☺️

Note: pics of autumn foliage in Austin and new pics for a show with Creative Arts Society are in today’s My Yesterday in Pictures, Nov 25’19 – link listed automatically once posted, under my Category link — .

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