Super Bowl Sunday Sunset 02.02.2020

Super Bowl Sunday Sunset 02.02.2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Super Bowl Sunday Sunset 02.02.2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

I’ve tried since Friday’s photopoem (with the image of my latest painting to sell) to post again, but from that evening to this evening has been as full a series a days since way before last summer’s surgeries!

So either I’m definitely finally really getting better, lol! Or I’ve been living a dulled version of my life before then! Either way, I prefer myself now – busy!

I’m painting nearly daily, even if it’s just a line of light on a ridge of raised texture from an imaginary sun shining through my life these days – mostly 😊

My absorbent ground 6×6 experiments are continuing, and I’ve punched through each “learning lesson” along the way, usually salvaging and saving the better parts toward a finished work I really like, so I should’ve been more prepared for my inevitable 1st “hard” learning lesson. My First Twinkle of Snow piece I’d worked so hard over suffered a huge set back when I placed the isolation coat on it.

I’d hoped to have a new-to-me non-toxic spray call Spectrafix arrive today & show folks how this new initial isolating coat works, but there was a delivery misstep & I hope to have it to try & show tomorrow. Here’s the image I’m trying it on –

Flowering at Dawn, inprogress 02.02.2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Flowering at Dawn, inprogress 02.02.2020 ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Easy to see this one’s gonna be a super bowl level challenge to preserve 😂

Wish me luck, and meanwhile, hope you had your own great Super Bowl weekend. As I mentioned, Sheila & I were so busy our heads spun, lol! But all in a good way with a trip to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center to hear our youngest girl read her Skydancer children’s book 1st time this year – I’ll have a post on that soon too ❤️ And of course what dominated our time since Friday afternoon’s been the youngest grandchild – school, sick, soccer, and lots of socializing 💕

I didn’t watch the game this year, but I did take a much needed walk, saw the clouds pull a blanket over our weekend of blue skies, and caught the image at top at last light. Not bad 😊

No, my super-Super Bowl watching days were Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana; oh, and Super Bowl XX with the Refrigerator (William Perry); and my Super Bowl dream game would’ve included Earl Campbell. Yeah, long time ago….

So, hope everyone’s a winner, in their own best way!

Happy super bowl on what Sheila says won’t happen again for another 900 years, not since 11.11.1111! A palindrome – 02.02.2020!

Thanks everyone!


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • Thanks, Kirt! I got to that spot for the sunset at the last light, gave me a great feel about the evening! And – very much hope to have a finished except varnishing pic of Flowering at Dawn soon; got my Spectrafix (non toxic) fixing spray late yesterday, did one coat before dark, then two more today & it really looks good! ie, looks very much like before being “fixed”. May have to get a spray varnish for extra color delicate works like this, very much afraid to brush varnish it. Other pics brush varnish looks fine, but not sure ‘bout this one, lol!

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