Awash in Dreams – One Painting, Four Digital Variations

Awash in Dreams ©Felipe Adan Lerma - Painting on Transparent absorbent ground
Awash in Dreams ©Felipe Adan Lerma – Painting on Transparent absorbent ground

There’s not a lot to elaborate on I can think of right now, why I felt the need, or room so to speak, to tweak out four digital variations, of Awash in Dreams.

Sometimes I spend a lot of time debating which variations to keep, which to toss, I come up with, from any one of my originals. This time around the process just seemed to slip by without as much stutter and hesitation – much the way this painting came about.

One of my first attempts to see what I could produce on transparent absorbent ground on canvas, the milky streaky look is inherent in the way the ground dried. Dick Blick says it should’ve been fully transparent and was very helpful with the order. I’m beginning to think, as my wife and I’ve started using a water filter on our hard Texas water (one of a handful with super hard water, ie, lots of minerals etc), that that may have been the cause of the cloudiness.

Nevertheless, I was determined to experiment anyway 😊

Probably because I saw the painting as, not a throw-away, but an impossible to gauge ahead of time piece, I gave myself liberty with my brush and color work, using accent lines freely. The closest I’ve come to that feel since then I think is, Easy Morning.

Awash in Dreams appeals to me still as a dreamy sweet piece ❤️

My first digital variation, below, I call “Modern” —

Awash in Dreams Modern Digital was an unintended stop along the process to something else I was seeing I could create.

To me, it recalls Modern art pieces I’ve seen but don’t know well enough to recall much in terms of titles or artist – I guess, then, really, just my impression of what modern art kinda looks like, lol! Milton Avery, in a lighter mode, comes to mind, though I pieces of his I remember are clean clear cuts of colors; work I really like btw. I also like the way the colors “flipped” from my original, creating a totally differing feel I think.

Below, is what I couldn’t think but call my Egyptian variation 😊

Awash in Dreams Egyptian Digital ©Felipe Adan Lerma
Awash in Dreams Egyptian Digital ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Recent comment on this image page 😊 –
“love this darkness, as I sail the Red Sea, but, cannot see !”

Awash in Dreams Digital Egyptian, darker, obviously, and just gave me the feel of a stone tomb or Pharoah level quarters, though I even more obviously have no direct experience of either, just from movies & TV! And I probably wouldn’t’ve keep it as a variation to share, except the lighter colors – highlights? – really jumped and gave me the feeling of candle or moonlight. That latter feature’s what confirmed keep this variation, despite it’s similarity to Awash in Dreams Digital Modern.

It’s amazing really, still amazing after all they years of painting & photography, how a tweak in the light can change an image so profoundly, especially in it’s feel.

Below is a clear change of pace, and my first ”small-tile” version of any of my work since nearly a decade ago! That former one didn’t go too well, lol, which tells me why it’s been so long since I tried more digital tile are; the “glass” filter version, though, in that early post I still like a lot – all via Photoshop, “way” back 😊 –

Awash in Dreams Digital Tile Art —

The clarity of the tile work is more visible on the FAA site, the colors brighter and clearly defined.

I almost didn’t do a mandela for this piece, but thought the grey greens in this version were particularly lovely, especially like for a yoga mat or such 😊

I hope these variations give you both pleasure, and inspiration for your own work, and possibly even affirmation that what you’re doing yourself is really as good or even much better! It’s not a competition, folks will buy what they will buy, like what they will like, but it’s good to see what other artists are coming up with 😊

All the best everyone! Stay healthy! ❤️



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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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  1. Ooh, that is a fun experiment! I really like the original painting, but wow, the version in the digital tiles is awesome!! And the mandela version totally different, I want to try that on some of my paintings! Thanks for sharing!

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