The Old American Artist Twitter Excerpt Series, Number II.9.2

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The Old American Artist, literary fiction novella by Felipe Adan Lerma, Amazon –
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To make posting my series of excerpt tweets for my novella, The Old American Artist, easier for me to post regularly (Mon-Fri), and quicker for folks to see and read, I created a reference post/page with “lots” of info that can easily be reached there 😊

That includes info on or about :

  • Intro to this series
  • Tweet itself on Twitter
  • The image art for my cover, my painting, San Antonio Riverwalk
  • About my art and it’s relationship to this literary fiction work
  • The numbering system I’m using in the tweets (and why)
  • Hashtag #OldAmericanArtistExcerpts – why I use it in my tweets


Tweet excerpt,

…muscles aching, Arturo slowly loaded the screens and boxes of unsold paintings and prints back into his car. The route to the Gulfview side road to Galveston, crested over a small but high causeway, the early spring evening fog filtering the star light. At the top, Arturo could see out to sea, storm clouds with embedded lightening in the not too far distance. He swooped down the ocean side of the bridge before he could tell which way the winds were blowing. Along the half hour drive or so to the San Luis Bridge and the wider higher portion of road beyond the toll bridge, salt spray, wind blown from the Gulf, slid sticky and smeared across the windshield. Feeder waves lapped against the tires. The car shuddered. A splash of the white capped sea sprayed across the hood.

Arturo’s heart took a hard beat.

©Felipe Adan Lerma 2012


A wonderfully insightful review of “The Old American Artist” by Glynn Young on his site ❤️

If you have any thoughts about my excerpts, my novella, or my art, please post in comments.

Also please feel free to retweet the tweet above 😊

Thanks so much! ❤️


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