January 31, 2021 – My Most Viewed Images This Week @FineArtAmerica, Watercolors, Austin and Paris

My most viewed images at Fine Art America week4 Jan 2021 @FineArtAmerica ©Felipe Adan Lerma https://felipeadan-lerma.pixels.com/
My most viewed images at Fine Art America week4 Jan 2021 @FineArtAmerica ©Felipe Adan Lerma

Newer work almost always has a nice jump on the most viewed count among my images on Fine Art America, but it’s especially nice both my newest watercolors not only topped the list this past week, but with resoundingly good numbers 🙏

On top of that, like a reminder cushion, two of my oldest uploads, both photography, each from a different part of the world I’ve been able to see, continue to show up! 💕

Side note: I wrote my post in the morning, expecting youngest grandchild and daughter at lunch; more on that at the end of the post 😊

Floating Butterfly is quickly confirming one of my most recent of seemingly endless experiments with my art, lol! – that line work (defining and guiding) with washes and splashes of color (expanding what is being defined by the lines), is not only fun and inducive to my creativity, people are responding to the result!

I can only hope to continue this ☺️

My post on the development of Floating Butterfly is at –

On a side note, I linked “inducive” above to a Google search ’cause I wasn’t sure I had it spelled right, at least for the word/meaning I was intending, and it was red-underlined as possibly mis-spelled. Interesting return-results 😊

Magenta Mountain has been a true surprise and comfort to me that it’s being well received. It was created purely with Arteza’s Watercolor Brush Pens and I just love the mix of deep pigments and wash tones. I was lucky enough not to try and “improve” it, lol!

My post about Magenta Mountain can be seen at –

I don’t know what else to say about Austin Pink Sunset except how grateful I am my guiding angels tugged me to turn back for one last look on autumn evening at Butler Park, hoping to see a bird like Good Morning Bird, but for evening time, and saw the almost cloudless sunset to the west shining on the smear of clouds above and to the north of downtown shining blushing pink!

I’ve “lots” of blog posts on Austin Pink Sunset, one of the more recent here –

For you corporate licensing guys, Austin Pink Sunset is still available 😊 And I can tell you it sells on magnets, a variety of print sizes, placards, postcards, and just about anything I would be able to get it onto, lol!

And what wonderful memories this image brings! Sheila and I took a night bus tour in Paris one evening back in late 2012. At the time my compact camera was good for its price and the tech at the time, but not good enough to capture moving pictures through the huge bus windows without the light stutter stepping like a two year old high on chocolate milk 😊 And yet, Arc de Triomphe has also remained as one of several of my Paris images that continually holds up well.

Like Paris itself ❤️

My post, when first uploaded to Fine Art America, is here –


Grandson coming to visit!
It’s past 11am and I want to finish up fairly soon (still need to choose my Tags and Categories) plus the excerpt to show on search previews) ’cause the 7-soon-to-be-8 year old is due around lunch time w/his mommie. Max and I will, as much as possible, be “secretly” creating a variation of my Heart acrylics he can give her for Valentines 😊

Plus, afterwards, Sheila and I will, as is usual, need some “recovery” time, lol!

That’s what happens when the little tornado visits ❤️ and that’s ok.

I realize now, as I had no concept of, of course, when I was his age, nor much more so when my son was also that age, that that bursting bag of bones land hugs and love, is naturally and healthily so at that age.

If only I’d known that then, with my son, like I do with my grandson – but I’m convinced that, in general, it’s not possible.

There’s isn’t, both, the perspective of age and thus comparison there when younger, nor, the shift in responsibilities and time as when one is older.

As a parent, I was too busy parenting, lol! Building “proper” attitudes and behavior. As a grandparent, I’m glad to be busy allowing the bursting inner life of the child emerge more cleaning, with less imposition of too many strictures – except for things like looking both ways crossing roads, being careful with one’s fingers when cutting things, stuff like that. And as a child myself, all I much remember was being a bursting ball of running hollering jumping smiling energy – with the echo of my mom’s voice calling my name. She explained to me, one day I asked her about that “voice” – it was my angel. Just calling to me to say hi 💕

Stay well everyone!


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


Artist self portrait - photo of Felipe Adan Lerma on converted railway track bike ferry for the Island Line Trail connecting mainland Vermont to South Hero on Lake Champlain.

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