Small Welcome Sales Plus Interest in New Watercolors Continue at Buda Mercantile! Mid December 2020

Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas
Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas

Last week I posted about a surprising and welcome, first time in a year, opportunity to show a bit of my art work to the public at a newly renovated 1800s historical location just south of Austin, Buda Mercantile. I set up a display on a large beautiful wood table (I must remember to take a pic this coming weekend if it works out) that puts a nice distance between myself and folks coming in to browse and buy.

My Austin pink sunset image, #1 viewed on my Fine Art America site, again was a big draw and seller. No big surprise and very grateful to continue to see ❤️

What was surprising was the response to the display of my new 5×7 watercolor on absorbent ground. Set on a sturdy canvas panel, it’s a work I’d only recently finished and even more recently uploaded to Fine Art America – Paris Dreams 😊

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Beyond mentioning how pretty the piece appeared to them, folks stared into the image, smiled, and commented about the color, confirmed it was the Eiffel Tower in the distance, and wondered about the woman – herself staring into the picture!

Very gratifying! 💕

And at $39 (free shipping to mainland U.S.), hopefully appealing enough to find a new home!

If not, well at least we know it’s as loved in public as it is here at home with us 😊

Paris has definitely stuck with us since our visit there eight years ago!

Below is my screenshot of Buda Mercantile’s Facebook page with lots of good info —

Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas
Buda Mercantile, Buda Texas

So hopefully I’ll again have good things to report after this coming weekend, in all probability my last live showing of 2020!

Meanwhile, as always, my wife & I wish us all happy safe holidays! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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