April 05, 2021 – Aging Gracefully – Through Covid-19 – Shout Out to Office Depot: Free Laminating of Our CDC Vaccination Record; Plus Playtime with Grandchild; and New Volleyball Image Upload


In the middle of an extraordinarily long day working toward our move in a couple of weeks to our new apt closer to family and town, including picking up the 8 year old from school, we slipped into Office Depot and, without too much a wait, had our CDC vaccination cards laminated! 😊

The lady I spoke with on the phone before going there said she wasn’t sure how long the free laminating offer would be in effect, and I didn’t think to check to see how much we saved, we were just so glad to have the offer and have it done so easily and professionally. It’s a great service – thank you!

A quick note, worth the read on what to do before laminating your card –

Then, we still had to go to HEB for groceries before heading home.

But once home, taking advantage of the remaining light, and the relatively warm but not-yet mid-upper-90s temps coming later this week, did manage to get a bit of frisbee (Aerobie ring) toss in w/the 8 year old ♥️


That pretty much finished both of us off energy-wise for an early rise tomorrow morning to get him to school, lol!

Luckily, very early this morning I uploaded a new visual version for Volleyball Setter. It’s an alternative vs a replacement.

I’ll have a dedicated post about this soon as able, but basically I wanted (felt I needed) a 2nd visual imprint, so as to appeal to a wider group of volleyball interested folk. Soon I’ll be releasing/uploading the other Volleyball poems in the series, hopefully in both imprints.


I would normally’ve written this post in past tense for posting tomorrow, but it’ll be another full day of move-in-progress, plus, got a road-debri-good-size screw in one of our tires today, so off tomorrow to see if we can plug the tire or have to get a new one – that’s life rolling along on the road in Austin, til you can’t roll no more, lol! Though I think I’m more concerned about the upcoming upper 90s later this week than fixing my tire, but we’ll plug along – very much looking forward to completing our move relatively soon, even if Sheila’s enjoying picking out a new bathroom etagere & other makes-life-easier knick-knacks ☺️

Stay well everyone! Good-night! Work and play as able / as needed – it’s our juggling game of life ♥️


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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