March 07, 2021 – Woke to This! Masks Now To Be Required to Grocery Shop at HEB, Randalls – Opinion, It’s the Right Thing To Do

Well, I rarely hype Facebook here on my blog – not by choice, just not enough connection ‘tween the two for now, but needed a pic for this morning’s breaking news here in Texas, and my recent profile pic change on FB says it best 😊 Not that I do much on FB, there’s only so much time, but maybe more, eventually.

So anyway, Sheila came rushing in to the kitchen to ask me to guess who reversed their no-masks-required decision, and I jokingly “guessed” at several of our state’s leadership, but I was wrong anyway, lol! No, it’s more important than that actually – it’s where we shop to buy our food!

HEB (plus Central Market) and Albertson’s (Randalls) have reversed their no-masks-required decision from earlier this week!

HEB reverses course, will continue to require masks in stores.

Albertsons reverses course; will continue to require face masks for customers at Texas stores

It’s the right thing to do!

Just my opinion of course, but – grounded in guidance from the CDC.

As I quoted in a recent post when Texas went from the turmoil of our unnecessary Winter death storm to an unnecessarily early rescinding of our mask mandate, this is simple protection. And, if I were a mask, it protects you. But if you don’t, then I’m unprotected. And Sheila and I immediately knew we wouldn’t be able to shop at these stores for possibly several months, when we’d both be fully vaccinated, and, the majority of our state hit the 70% herd immunity threshold in vaccinations.

Masks may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others. The CDC recommends people wear face masks in public settings, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Wearing a face mask may limit exposure to respiratory droplets and large particles and may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus.Nov 24, 2020

Earlier this morning I posted about my gift writing poem, Dispatcher – maybe somebody got the message, lol! ♥️

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And, as I’ve mentioned before, if vaccinations continue at the pace our new federal administration is producing, and the rate of infections and deaths continues to decline, then maybe we can more safely rescind the mask mandate by the end of this month. And certainly by the time we get to 70% vaccination of all the people in our country!

Because, make no mistake, I really dislike having to wear a mask, but I hate getting sick.

And dying prematurely would be even worse, lol! 😏

Stay well everyone! 💕


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Thanks again, everyone! 😊


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    • It is! I think the Austin community for sure was shocked they’d first said they’d go along with no masks required, but if someone’s willing to admit they need to reverse course, that’s a big deal, a really good thing! 😊


  1. We in Spain are required by law to wear a mask every time we step outside our houses and in all indoor places, even at the bars outside, the mask is only removed to eat or drink. It’s the prudent and safe way to confront this pandemic. Good for you Felipe. All the best,

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  2. Living in the Los Angeles area and hearing how parts of the country have been eliminating mask requirements just kind of blows my mind. I get that we live in a geography that was very hard hit, but just seems the logical thing to do until everyone is vaccinated. Glad the grocery stores reversed it!

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    • Us too! You’re definitely right I think, Kirt – the logical thing to do ♥️ HEB in particular is like the darling of helping folks in our area, so it was particularly shocking when they went along with the mask rescinding idea; but they’ve shown over and over they’ve got good folks running those stores, and they care about both their workers and the community. Albertson’s (Randall’s) was very smart to reverse too – huge boost in confidence in both store chains! 😊

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